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July 6th - Black Turtle Cove-Baltra-Puerto Ayora - Galapagoes Boat Cruise - Day 8-End

Pelican Diving for a Fish - Black Turtle Cove
This was are last day on the boat.  We had a Zodiac boat ride through the Mangrove rich area called Black Turtle Cove.  We saw a number of Rays, Sharks and Turtles as well as birds out for the food.
Boat Kitchen
Tutu - aka Francisco - our Chef!

I finally took a picture of Tutu and his magical little kitchen.  I have him my Canada bucket hat with my Blog website inside.  I hope he visits the site to see how much we enjoyed his food.

Breakfast before we left was Scrambled eggs.  Tutu made me separate scrambled eggs since the others had Bacon in his eggs.

The rest of the group went to Baltra to catch their flight out.  Originally we were meant to end in Puerto Ayora so this threw us a bit.  We had to make our own way to the town.  A taxi from the Airport to town should only cost you 15$ and they will help you with your bags onto the shuttle to the ferry.  You can take the bus to town which will only cost you 2$ per person but they leave on scheduled departures so you can wait up to half an hour and they will only drop you either at the main dock or if your hotel is enroute.  We decided it was worth the extra $.  The ferry is only 80c per person.  Oddly enough, it was only 75c on the way back.

We were staying at the Casa Natura.  D booked it on line.  It was rather expensive and not at all worth the price and that is not on South American scale.  It was as expensive as a 3*-4* in North America but probably 2*.  Most nicer places on Santa Cruz will run you higher than Quito.  There are hostels and small motel type places that are much much cheaper but you will have to book them on arrival.  Some places will charge you more for hot water in room.  If you are diving, you will want a warm shower. 

We had lunch at Cafe Hernan in town on the boardwalk.  We wanted somewhere that had big screens to watch the World Cup.  Most places on the main strip had pizza on the menu but Cafe Hernan but alot of them have frozen crusts.  Cafe Hernan had fresh dough and were oven baked in a proper baking oven.  I had a Tuna and Green Pepper Pizza.  I washed it back with a Mora berry Juice.

D had a Cubano Burger.  It is a cheese burger with a fried egg.

Cubano Burger

It was reasonably priced and there were big screens everywhere.  The place was packed and looked quite popular.

Cost: $$$
Ambiance: Beach bar
Staff: Slow
Cafe Hernan
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz

Nightly Ecuadorean Volley in Puerto Ayora
In the main port area in Puerto Ayora, there is a large nightly gathering to play Ecuadorean Volley.  The net is about 3 ft higher han a standard volleyball net and the allowed 'touches' are slightly different.  I saw alot of directing and palming.  But that is not really the biggest different.  I discovered that it is a very competitive sport and betting is standard.  Where monthly salaries are in the hundred's, it is not uncommon to bet upto 60$ on a match.  The players that come out are often well known and if you are recognised as a strong player you are assigned a handicap.  I saw one guy only allowed to play with one hand and yet another allowed only lift.  Very interesting. Someone told me that even when children or high school students play, they will bet a few dollars as well.  All shapes and sizes played and they played hard!

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