Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jul 3rd - Santa Fé / Barrington and South Plaza - Galapagos Boat Cruise - Day 5

  Sealion and Galapagos Hawk
I do not think that I have paid sufficient homage to the fact that there were hot showers on the boat! I'll admit I was surprised and had planned on 'bathing' most of this week in the ocean.  I really cannot stand cold showers.  I mean cannot.  It is torture.  I do not really remember whether we had warm showers when we were on our little tugboat in Egypt but I was younger and heartier then.  There was better water pressure in the boat shower than in my hotel in Quito.  D was happy that I did not have to resort to snorkelling as my method of bathing. :^D.  Bring biodegradable toiletries please.

Lunch started with a very popular and common soup call Sancocho.  It can have many bases, the most common of which is Chicken.  This one was Fish based.  The thing that is invariable is the stubby chunk of Cob of corn.  It is not sweet corn.  It was tasty.  There is no easy way to deal with the corn.  You will have to pick it up.

Mains were a nice Basil Pesto Spaghetti, Potatoes and Beet and Egg Salad.  The potatos were a bit waxy but the Beet and Egg salad, as unusual as it sounds was really good.  The pasta was yum.

Dessert was a custard pudding. We decided as a table it was Mango with a Mint Sauce.

We saw Sealions everywhere we went.  When you snorkel, they will play with you.  There were 4 playing with D and I when we set off from the boat ahead of the others.  When D stopped to ask me if I filmed it, I rather bashfully admitted that I had been to busy watching.  They nibbled his fins and swam straight at us dodging at the last minute.  Very cute.

Dinner was Fish in a Wine sauce with an Aubergine Fritter, Rice and Vegetables.   The Fritter was very good.  I would say I ate just about everything except the Lettuce.  D tried to avoid raw veg to avoid the eating the tap water the uncooked vegetables were washed in.  No one really had an issue.  But who is to say what will work for you.  You can ask if the vegetables are washed with the purified water.  The boat has a supply which they have accesible to all to fill their water bottles.

Dessert were very sweet Caramelised Bananas.  I am not aware of any of the old wives tales on motion sickness but sweets definitely helped me out and I have been told that Bananas help as well.  The boat had a bunch of Bananas hung from the back of the boat.  I had one once in a while to help.

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Matt Kay said...

I saw the tag "galapagos" in your tag cloud and was instantly intrigued. Looks like a wonderful time. I love traveling and experiencing new foods and just feeling so far away from everything for a little while. Very exciting and relaxing at the same time.