Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 22 - Tofu in Butter Curry Sauce and Leftovers

I had a long long day at work.  Normally, I pop down to the cafeteria for a Muffin on days like this.  The cafeteria in my office is not very well priced and despite the 3-4 stations of food, seems all uninteresting.  Once in a while, however, the to-order stir fry station will catch my fancy.  Today was Butter Chicken or the Tofu equivalent.  The Tofu is a better option normally because you can choose your vegetables and they cook it for you on the spot whereas the Chicken sits in a stew.  I say normally because I was not feeling altogether well afterwards :(

Butter Tofu Curry at work Sodexo cafeteria
I was fine after a few hours but I was definitely too full for dinner.  I had a bit of Salad and leftovers so D took the opportunity to eat meat.  He defrosted one of the frozen meal sized packets of Kalbi my mom sent home with us.  He was happy.  Mom goes out of her way to buy the best cuts of meat and of course, went the extra distance knowing she was making it for D.
Kalbi aka Korean Beef Short Ribs

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