Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jul 19th - BBQ Brown Sugar Dill Wild Sockeye Salmon

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Mondays are painful.  The first Monday after a holiday is diabolical.  Days like this are perfect for throwing random food on the BBQ.

We grilled some Green Onions and Yellow Zucchini after tossing them with Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper.  I made a quick Cous Cous.  As I was going  through my holiday photos, I came across a rice that Tutu made on the boat where he added tiny noodles to a rice dish.  So I added some to the Cous Cous for texture.  I did not fry them as he did so it was not the same but it was tastey.  I also added some fresh Dill to echo the Salmon. 

BBQ Dill Wild Sockeye Salmon

150 g Salmon per person is usually sufficient.  We sometimes go more.
1/4 c Brown Sugar
2 T Fresh Dill, chopped
1 T Olive Oil

Mix the Dill, Oil and Sugar in a small bowl. 

Spread on the flesh slide of the Salmon only.  Make sure the Salmon is clean, boned and dry first.  Pepper.

You can sprinkle with Salt but only just before the Grill.  You do not want to draw out moisture from the Fish too soon.

Grill skin side down for 3-5 minutes depending on how thick it is.  We like it a little ruby in the middle and not over cooked.   Flip if you are adept with a whole filet.  You could use a BBQ Fish Basket specially designed for grilling fish .  It will break up a bit.  I don't always flip. If you have the lid down, it will get cooked through and most of the cooking will happen on Skin Side.  D flipped it for 2 minutes. 

The Vegetables will only take a few minutes so time your grilling.  We sliced the Zucchini lengthwise. Yummo!

Dill Cous Cous with Fideu Noodles

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