Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 5th - Rabida-Puerto Egas - Galapagoes Boat Cruise - Day 7

Racing Fiddler Crab on Rabida

Along the beach on Rabida, there were several of these little Fiddler crabs. Our guides drew a square in the sand and raced them.  We saw the etchings in the sand from the previous group.  I am guessing this is a regular source of tourist entertainment.

Breakfast Omelette
I had thought I had taken breakfast photos all along but now that I look back on the photos and my notes, I realise that I did not have my sea legs the first few days and was not physically fit enough in the mornings for photography.  We had something different each day on the boat.  We always had fresh fruit, toast and cereal along with the plato fuerte.

Cream of Mushroom Soup on Galapagoes Cruise
Lunch started with a nice cream of mushroom soup.  July was the start of the dry season but that did not mean that it was warm everyday.  When it was overcast, it was quite cool and so the soup was welcome warmth.

Spinach Rice and Preserved Vegetables
Tutu made the rice in a large round form but the chafing dish really did not support it so it sort of fell in.  Too bad, it was pretty.  We just served it on the counter instead. The sides today were unusual.  We wondered if it were an common sort of Ecuadorean side.  There was a platter entirely of preserved, jarred vegetables: Asparagus, Mushrooms and Green Beans.  There were Salads and Cheese as well.

Pineapple Flan/Mousse
Dessert was a nice light sort of .... well, we could not figure it out but it was definitely Pineapple on the bottom.  The top of the dessert seemed like a cross between Meringue and Flan.  It was not too sweet and had a nice smooth texture.

Pan de Yuca (Mantioc) - Cassava Bread
I have a new favourite Ecuadorean food as of this day. After our morning visit, Tutu made us a snack called Pan de Yuca or Yuca/Cassava Bread with a Honey dip.  It was YUMMMMMO! It has a very mild yet sturdy cheese in the centre that made it nice and chewy without oozing.  I could not tell at first if it were cheese or the chewiness of the bread.  It was SOOOOOO GOOOD! 

Swimming Marine Iguana
We saw something today that I had been looking forward to for the whole trip.  We had seen Marine Iguanas on several islands by the dozens and dozens lying sprawled on the beach.  Up until today, we had not seen them swim.  On the beach here on Egas, there were swimming in the little tide pools as they munched on the moss and algae growing on the rocks. 

Pan Fried Fish with Tomato Salad and Broad Beans
Our last dinner on the boat started with a sort of Caprese Salad with a Soft Cheese with Tomatos with Shallots in Balsamic.  There were sides of Roasted Potatoes, Broad Bean sautee and salads.  I had pan fried Fish and D had a kind of Meatloaf.

Meatloaf Roll
Two desserts today! Dessert for dinner was a Caramel Flan.  The use of those green cherries was pretty frequent and superfluous. The pudding was delicious.

Caramel Flan

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