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Monday, Sep 6 - SHA LIN Noodle House Take Out Menu On-Line

For breakfast when camping, we normally stick to instant Oatmeal.  It's light to carry and very nutrious if you don't have the over sugared variety.  We like to call it Gruel.  I love it.  It just feels healthy eating it.  I don't eat it at home, oddly enough.  Last year, we camped once in on Garibaldi and our site was in the middle of a wild Blueberry field.  I was excited and worried at the same time to be sleeping in a field of Bear Candy.  Anyhoo, it was great for the Gruel.  This time however, we did have the Bread and Cheese with brought for lunches and butter leftover, so I suggest we have Grill Cheeses.  MMMMM comfort in your palm.  We could not spread the Butter since it was pretty cool the night before so we just melted it in the pan an fried the Wholewheat bread directly in it with a healthy chunk of Cheddar.  My only regret is that we did not have any Ketchup.

The skies opened up during our drive home.  The rains have returned on queue for the fall on the North West coast.  Until next Summer, the clear skies will be a fleeting 'fairweather' friend.  By the time we were en route home it was in that middling time where it was too late for lunch but too early for supper so we decided to get food in town as takeout.  The easiest for us and fool proof is Sha Lin Noodle.  You have seen me write about them several times and I've eaten there several times you haven't seen.  The thing is, it is easiest, for takeout to order ahead and pick up.  They make the noodles and your dish to order so it saves time!   The infuriating thing is that not alot of the smaller restaurants in Vancouver have websites nor an online menu.   So I had to default to ordering my usual but I was really in the mood for something different.  Oh well.

As I have written before, Sha Lin is not there to provide any ambience but it is always packed often with a line despite the empty Noodle restaurants that flank it.  Actually, I think one has recently shut down and a Japanese tapas restaurant just opened up.  Sha Lin creates your order to order from the dough.  Their noodles come in 4 varieties: Cutting, Dragging, Hela and Pushing.  I describe them at greater length here.  Cutting, my favourite, are shaved with sharp knife from a large block of dough directly into boiling water.

Sha Line Noodle House Cumin Cutting Noodle with Tofu
I had #2 Fried Noodle with Cumin and so did D except he had Pork and I had Tofu.  Call about 15-20 minutes ahead and your dish will be ready......Here is the menue.  Bookmark it!  The only other one I found was a photo of their enormous photo menue poster.  Completely illegible from that photo :^(.  I am posting here for all of you who have found you in this same position and for myself in the future because I am 101% positive it will come to pass again.  I try to leave some menues the car but alas, they do not make it long between D's cleansing of the car of my leavings.  Bookmark it!  I will.

Sha Lin Noode House Menu - click to enlarge
Sha Lin Noode House Menu - click to enlarge
Sha Lin Noode House Menu - click to enlarge
Sha Lin Noode House Menu - click to enlarge
Cost: $-$$
Ambience: Kitchen/Dive
Staff: Efficient and friendly
Location: Cambie/City Hall near Skytrain
Licensed: Yes

Sha Lin Noodle House
548 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9
(604) 873-1816

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