Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday, Sep 11 - D's Mystery Bouillabaise with Cioppino Stew

D's Mystery Seafood Stew
I took a nap for most of Saturday.  Well, that is mostly an exaggeration.  It was quite true after we got back into the house and early evening creeped in.  I peeled myself off the couch to smell dinner cooking.  I had vaguely recalled D pacing back in front of my view as he had probably been headed to our Balcony Herb Garden.  We had some seafood leftover from the Paella I made yesterday.  I had planned on jamming as much as I could into it but that still left quite a bit leftover.  So with it, D made an hybrid of a Bouillabaise and Cioppino, Californian Fish Stew.

I wandered with sleep still hanging off me like a fog to the kitchen to ask D for the ingredients and proportions he had used so I could blog it.  He gave an evil chuckle and said 'guess'.  I told him, no worries, I'll just add a narrative. I mean really, I do include recipes but they are mostly approximations of what I have actually done.  I tend to improvise.  I make a point of noting proportions of ingredients for future use.  I am, however, uber accurate about Baking.  Baking is chemistry and leaves less room for foregiveness for experimenting.  If the acidity or leavening is imbalanced you will end up with a flat puck or big uneven air blisters.   Stews on the other hand are incredibly understanding.

What do I know D put in his Mystery Seafood Stew?

1 large Tin Italian Tomatoes
2 Bay Leaves
fresh Thyme
fresh Oregano
fresh Rosemary
Red Onion
Jumbo Tiger Prawn
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

He served it over fried Polenta cakes.  This is a bit of a cheat but it is so good.  I love my Polenta, low or big fat, but my ability to stiffen it up to fry in cakes is not as expert.  So I buy pre made Polenta cake that comes in the shape of a large Sausage from the Italian Market or many supermarkets.  You simply need to slice and fry for a few minutes on each side in hot Olive Oil.

As for D and his Mystery Fish Stew,  it was delicious.  He considered not giving me the recipe that I slept through and dained to ask for, a small victory for all Blogger partners out there. :^D

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My Little Space said...

What a delicious seafood stew! Well done. Hope you're enjoying your day.