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April 1st - Sha Lin Noodle House - Vancouver

I love this joint.  As far as appearances go, it is a dive.  But do not be fooled (excuse the Apr 1st pun).  This place is sandwiched between two other noodle houses, or at least it used to be.  One is gone.  That said, it is the only one that is always full and on evenings, has line ups out the door.

Noodles are made fresh to order in a kitchen which is visible to the quaint dining area.  The noodles come inf 5 varieties. 1) Cutting 2) Rolling 3) Pushing 4) Dragging 5) Hela.  My favourites are Cutting and Hela.  For the show, most people favour the Dragging.

1) Cutting are just short, thick noodles shaved off a block of dough with a sharp knife directly into the water.
2) Rolling are cut from dough that has been rolled thing and then cut into strips
3) Pusing are cut with a two handled saw/cleaver type of knife from a block of dough.
4) Dragging are pulled, folded, pulled, folded, pulled, folded from a pliable piece of dough into thin noodles.
5) HELA (I am not emphasising. For some reason, the menu shows this in all caps)

I always, always get the Cumin #2. It is reliably the best one.  I have had the Curry one once but the Cumin noodle had more curry flavour!? D likes the one with chopped Pork.  If we are very hungry we may order the Spring Onion pancakes or the Dumplings.  It is a carb fest so be very hungry.  They are done fresh to order as well.  The Cutting noodles are chunky and chewy which is yum.  The sauces can be a bit oily though.  If that bothers you they do use their fresh noodles in their soups as well.

They are closed between 3pm and 5pm between their Lunch and Dinner rushes.  They have takeaway but no delivery and accept creditcards.

Cost: $-$$
Ambience: Kitchen/Dive
Staff: Efficient and friendly
Location: Cambie/City Hall near Skytrain
Licensed: Yes

Sha Lin Noodle House
548 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9
(604) 873-1816

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