Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24th - Bowling night

I had a work bowling tournament tonight. I felt really bad that I had to skip out on Ultimate frisbee but in the end it poured all day and we were scheduled to play on a notoriously soggy field. I found out the next day, regrettably, that they played anyway with no female substitutes. I'm soooooo sorry team!

We played at Rev's bowling out by Holdom Skytrain station. It's quite a lot of fun since we normally take all 45 lanes. It's not necessarily to do with the bowling at which I suck out loud. Though I think I did manage to break a 1oo and got a couple of strikes.

Dinner was bowling at the bowling alley. Their Veggie pizza isn't bad. They have a pizza oven and make them on site. It isn't the best but it's piping hot with loads of peppers and black olives. W on my team and I both ordered some cocktails too. It was called a 'Blue Maui': Pinapple juice, Malibu, Rum and blue Curcao. It was horrible. Really bad. Like blue sugar water. Actually, it came up on the counter as a shot and frankly W and I are not shot people, particularly not when it's a work event at 5pm in the afternoon :-P. So she mixed into a highball for us. It was nothing more than sugar water with a bit of pineapple. Blech. The rest of the folks mainly had pitchers of beer. No deals on pitchers of beer, surprisingly. They were like 17 bucks. The only deals were on the shots and coronas.

If you have to go bowling, this place isn't bad and it's right, right on the skytrain line.

Rev's Bowling - Burnaby
5502 Lougheed Highway
Burnaby, BC
2 on 7 for the Pizza.
V5B 2Z8
(604) 299-9381

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