Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15th - Spin Roll Sushi

RIP OFF terrible Sushi at Spin Roll Sushi on Pender
Spin Roll Sushi downtown for lunch. I had to run an errand on Hastings so I thought I'd grab a box of sushi on the way back to the office. I passed like 8 on the way down and randomly chose a new one. Spin Roll. It has a competitor 3 doors down but this place had 6 more pieces of sushi for 50c more for the daily special...5.95 for 18 rather than 5.50 for 12 so I let that make the decision. I sat down on a stool after paying to read a local paper and only just settled in after 3 minutes and they had my sushi read. Suspicious.

I got back to the office and to my great suprise there were only 12 pieces. WTF!??? the other place had 12 pieces with miso. I had wanted only 12 that's where I would have gone. It said 6 Californa, 6 Yam and 6 spicy Tuna.... with an emphasis line saying 18 pieces. WHAT a rip off.
That said too. All of the rolls were fairly haphazard. No sushi training whatsoever. I'm not expecting Nobu or Tojo but come on! I don't want student kim bap either. I do not recommend you try this place. Horrible.

Spin Roll Sushi
535 West Pender St

If you want good cheap sushi... go to:

Ebisu on Broadway
601 W. Broadway #12
Vancouver, BC(604)
876-3388 (near willow)


Excellent Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1157 Granville Street,
Vancouver (near Davie)

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