Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11th - Arts Institute and Korean Junkfood

We went back to the Arts Institute Culinaria on Granville and Georgia. Our friend J was working front of the house so we went to go laugh and point. Kidding.

We had a moscato to start because we wanted to cheers our friend K's survival of the CMA.

For a started we shared the Smoked Salmon plate. It came with three sliced of lox and a small salmon and cheese roll. It was nice, if a bit cream cheesy but I have to give props to whomever minced those red onions on the side. They were millet grain sized. I forgot to photo..

I had the Thai Green Curry as a main and D and K had the Butter Chicken. They aren't on the regular menu. They were daily specials. J raved about the butter chicken the minute we sat down. D and K really liked it. D normally hates butter chicken for the sickly creamy sauce but he really thought they did a fantastic job. It was served with a side of pilaf and naan. My green curry was yum with heaps of salmon and soft sweet scallops. It wasn't a traditional coconutty sauce thai though. It made sense when J said that the dude who made it was from Indonesia. It totally reminded me of the curries in Bali. Thicker, drier and lots of flowery lemon grass. It was yum.

J treated us to the dessert special of the day. Vanilla Panna Cotta with fresh fruit. It was really nice. Fresh vanilla beans and chopped fruit. Lovely.

This day was night and day to the last time. Seriously. I would reccomend you try going for lunch.

Arts Institute
Corner of Granville and Georgia (across from Holts)

Dinner on the other hand... well it was our last Korean class so we had a night of food planned. So D and I didn't bring any food. I know we only had a budget of 20 bucks but you could get duhk or salad but the girl charged with shopping but onion chips, Beh Beh Rol (Chocolate Prezels), Home Run cream puffs. H our teach made Kim Bap but she made them with ground beef. Kim Bap is Korean 'sushi' It's a very traditional home food or street food.

Sheet of Kim (seaweed or nori), rice, picked daikon, steamed spinach, julienned carrot and egg ... are staples. Mom will add crab stick or keep it veg. I've never seen it with beef. Sometimes mom will add kimchi or pickled spicy cabbage.

I didn't want to be rude so I pulled the meat out and ate a few. I think I had some beef and my stomach revolted against me later that night. We were full of calories but still needed food but we didn't. It would have been silly. We got home and had some Carmen Reserva Cab only.

Photos pending once D's stupid IBM Thinkpad starts to play nice!

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