Monday, June 08, 2009

Wednesday, June 10th - Elephant Walk Shanghai Noodles

Ultimate night and my team wants to eat at the tacky Elephant Walk pub again. I mean, I'm not sure that they could choose a more poorly located place to go to as a team considering some of us, ME, don't drive. Grrrrr.

It was the place, a couple of weeks ago, where I ordered wine and asked what they had and the server was stumped by the question. Red or White, and I asked which kind and she was confused. Well tonight they had highball specials so I had two double caesars. They were pretty good. Could have been spicier and they served it in a lowball glass.

We easily had the bitchiest server ever. She was downright surly, bitch is too soft an adjective. Granted K on our team was a bit demanding but still she was mean to all of us. E and S tried to cheer her up but I'm like, what are we tipping you for. Or not!

I had the shanghai noodles this time. The pad thai was a bit too aldente last time. The shanghai noodles were alright for filling pub food. A bit too soy and salty but thankfully E ordered a greek salad and didn't want her bell peppers. I threw them on my noodles. The noodles them selves were nice and chewy but he needs to work on the sauce.

I don't know what I gave the Elephant Walk last time but due to bad service, I am now going with 1 maple on 7.

Cost: $$
Staff: RUDE and unfriendly, caught them moaning about clients LOUDLY when I was at the bar.
Location: MFN
Ambiance: Dark, dingy pub.

Elephant Walk Pub (Killarney)
1445 E 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC V5P

Elephant Walk Neighbourhood Pub on Urbanspoon

No photos. I'm not sure my team would have understood why I was snapping shots of my mediocre pub food. ;-P

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