Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday, June 12th - BBQ'd Copper River Salmon and Spinach Vermicelli Noodle Salad

D bought some Copper River Salmon at Urban Fare. It was on sale for a whole (headless) fish for 7$/lb. It's normally 3 times that. It is seriously a beautiful fish. The colour of the flesh alone says it all. Deep deep ruby. It flavour is richer and the texture, butterier. We had no veg in the house though. D hadn't expected me to be home before him and I think he had planned on sending me out for veg.

I was volunteering at a charity golf tournament out at UBC for the BC Women's Hospital and we finished setting up the dinner gala early so we were sent home at around 4. I had thought I might be there to early evening.

Anyhoo, I made due with the bell pepper in the fridge I bought randomly two weeks ago and some little chilis.

Spinach Vermicelli Noodle Salad

2 squares or half a packet of Spinach Vermicelli noodles
3 chilis (mild)
1 bell pepper
1/2 small onion
7 leaves basil
5 leaves mint
1/4 c coriander
2 t wasabi powder (this didn't do anything, I could have omitted)
1 lime juiced
1/4 c rice wine vinegar
1/4 c sesame oil
1T fish sauce
1t low sodium soy sauce.

I kept the sodium low because I didn't want to drown out the freshness of the fish.

Boil water (I do no go for the soaking of these noodles. I doesn't work!!!!). Add the noodles and boil for 5 minutes. Drain immediately to a fine sieve and douse in ice cold water. Let drain until really dry.

Meanwhile finely slice onion and soak in the lime juice and vinegar. I do this to take the edge off. I don't like raw raw onion in salad. Chiffonade the herbs: stack the leaves and roll into a cigar and slice thin like fine ribbons. Slice all the peppers finly thin too. I want them to disappear into the noodles like noodles.

In a salad boil add the oil and swirl. Add the noodles and toss with the herbs and peppers. Add the onion mixture and add the fish sauce and soy to taste. Top with the coriander and refridgerate.

Copper River Salmon WILD

D simply scaled and sliced into steaks.
Seasoned with Pepper and Salt and Olive Oil
Grill only a few minutes on each side.

Careful with the bones. Served with the Herbed Butter from Sunday and a side of grilled eggplant.

I have photos but again D's stupid IBM Thinkpad won't cooperate.

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