Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wednesday, April 1st - Croissants and Maurya's Indian

Breakfast, I had a croissant cut open and with cheddar under the broiler. We don't buy croissant but our guest did and mmmmmm, I know why I don't buy them. Wow the butter! Actually, I had this for lunch yesterday too. It only takes about 10 s for the cheese to start melting. I turn the broiler off at that point and let it sit in there for a bit more.

We went to Maurya's Indian on Broadway near Fir for dinner. It was great. I discovered it a while ago but haven't gone back. Our friends with us last night go there once every few months. We had:

Malai Prawn curry in a young coconut (this is my recommendation for the whole night!)
Prawn vindaloo (disappointing, tomato based sauce and not at all spicy)
Butter chicken for S, D is off chicken since reading this book about where meat comes from.
Halibut in a coriander and mint sauce, this was awesome too.
Smoked Grilled Aubergine. My favorite indian dish. Tonight there were too may peas to eggplant.
Saag Paneer (spinach with indian fresh cheese. mmmm this was GREAT too)
2 orders of basmati (mistake, cuz one came with the Malai prawn)
4 orders of naan. Well we ordered 2, 1 came with the Malai prawn and S ate an entire one himself with the remaining sauces. It was great. He's usually so proper at dinners, it was wonderful to see him dig in.
1 bottle of Prospect Sauvignon Blanc. Normally avoid this generic front of the store display wine but it was quite nice.
1 bottle of disappointing Goo.

Their whole wine list was disappointing really. Just alot of generic, not much thought stuff.

They won the Tasty Bite award for Dineout and an award from Vancouver Magazine as well recently. The stickers are already on the door.

Maurya's Indian Restaurant
1643 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1W9‎
(604) 742-0622‎

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