Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, April 16 - Culinaria at the Arts Intitute of Vancouver

We went for lunch at the Culinaria, the cafe at the International Culinary School at the Arts Institute of Vancouver. I love finds like this. The prices are reasonable and everyone is very professional and friendly, they're being trained to be. Also, they're also keen to have your feedback.

Our selection was as follows:

We shared a started of a spinach and feta quiche. I liked it quite alot. It was on the eggy side. That is not a judgement, just a description. D did not like this side of it. It came with a lite mixed green salad which was nicely dressed.

I had the Smoked Spiced Arctic Char on a bed of 'reconstituted' chanterelle mushrooms with cannellini bean and fennel ragout. I there was some grated carrot in the ragout and I thought it dominated the ragout. The reconstituted mushrooms were disappointing. The Char was very pungent. The ends were over cooked but the middle was fine. It also came with two baby carrots and two terrible pototoes. One potatoe was hot and raw and the other cold and mushy.

D had the Wild Salmon cottage pie. Comfort food. Topped with crispy garlic mash potatoes. It was toasty and warm. Not surprising but very good. There could have been a bit more salmon to mash though. The salad that came with it was terrible. It was like a prepack salad with a store bought dressing.

Our friend is a star student in desserts there and she's doing her stint in the cafe. She had prepared a special dessert for us and looked up our table before our arrival. It was sent to the table we were meant to be seated at and another couple accepted the dessert from their friend J. Can you believe that? Cheekiness! She told us that she was not on the dishes that let us down. I knew she couldn't have been. I've had her cooking. She is a fabulous cook and takes particular pride in her cooking. Unlike some of her younger counterparts, has more heart in it. I believe she caters under the name CRAVE catering. Ask for Joyce Simons

I had a watery glass of Sandhill Gamay Noir. It was more like a Pinot than a gamay really. Not the restaurants fault but it is in a way. They obviously don't pay any attention to their wine list. It's like an after thought. Strange. D had a terrible glass of Calona unOaked Chardonnay. Just awful. Overripe fruite and canned lychee is the best approximation of the nose. I'd recommend someone work with them on their wine list. It can change how one enjoys an otherwise ordinary dish. Their menue was pretty conservative and that's fine. I guess we can't all be Gord Martin's (Bin 941, Bin 942 and Go Fish!) who is an alumnist from there.

International Culinary School
Arts Institute of Vancouver
609 Granville Street
Corner of Dunsmuir

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ahnvictoria said...

Guess what I had for dinner last night? Two TJ's naans+dried TJs cherries...