Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, April 27th - BBQ'd Pizza

I spent so much time earlier trying to sort out the widget that I don't have time to load the recipes for dinner or D will kill me.

We're having strawberry pie with Soya Ice Cream for dessert now.... he's on the phone while I type this in ;-D I'll finish tomorrow.

Dinner was BBQ'd 'Curry' pizza a la Zante's in San Francisco.

BBQ'd Curry Pizza

Crust was the BBQ Naan dough I made yesterday. I cut the dough in half and wrapped in plastic an put it in the fridge.

The left over half of the dough is large enough to make two 12" pizza's. Roll out thin and place on a pizza peel to carry to the BBQ. Don't over load because it will not be on there for very long. Do not turn the BBQ on too high or you will have charcoal.

Sauce is plain red sauce or tomato puree, about 1/2 c per pizza with 1 T of curry paste. Mix well. The curry paste is a concentrate and you don't want to get hit with too much.

I am a big fan of pre grated cheese if you're making a few pizzas unless you're making a marguerita and need fresh mozzarella. No subbing! I used a cheddar nacho saputo grated mix.

Spread the sauce out thinly. You're coating like a first coat of paint not spackling on a thick layer. Sprinkle a small handful of cheese.

Pizza 1:
Cauliflour chopped, chopped spinach (fresh or defrosted frozen) and onion.

Pizza 2:
Chopped spinach, red onion sliced, sundried tomatoes chopped, loin of tuna (in a foil pack, chunked tuna will do in a pinch but not flaked please), and marinated eggplant strips.


Top with cheese.

Place on BBQ on indirect heat until cheese is melted. ~5 minutes.


We drank a Carmen Reserve Petit Syrah.

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