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Tuesday, December 28th - Beer Bistro - Toronto

Beer Flight at Beer Bistro
On the hunt for artisinal beers for O's boyfriend in Downtown Toronto over Christmas.  We had planned on a Brewery tour of a microbrewery out in the 'newish' distillery district but oddly enough they only do one a day. WTF?  Oh well.  O recommended we walk up to the Beer Bistro not too far from the Union Station.  First reaction?  Not at all what I expected.  I had anticipated something a bit more 'pubby'.  It isn't.  It is quite slick. 

The small/medium floor plan is divided into more formal dining area and then a 'bar' area that looks like the lounge in a men's club with condo-style leather banquets facing a wall of beer.  I should have taken that as my hint when we decided to order snacks.  When I spotted Potato Skins with Salmon and Capers, I assumed it would be typical bar fare.  It too was not.  They were mini Potato Nugget Skins, topped with Smoked Salmon and Microgreens.  It was quite nice but expectations are everything right? and this wasn't quite the warm-up, comforting bellyful I had hoped for, but quite nice.

Salmon Potato Skins
Since we had planned to try a few beers, including their option for a 'Beer Flight'.   A taster of about 2 oz of three beers from their extensive selection, A decided we should get more snacks and ordered the Three Dips and Chips.  It too was not what you would anticipate.  We receiped a small plate of Flatbread 'chips with the three dips: Red Pepper Puree, Hummous and Tzatsiki.  The dips were fresh and tasty. 

Three Dips - Beer Bistro
Given the track record thus far of 'snacks' in the 10-12$ range leaving us wanting, we were sufficiently tempered for lowered expectations on the portion of Frites we decided we needed.  Funny though.   I guess you can always count on Frites.  They were fresh cut Potatoes with Smoked Tomato Ketchup and Dijon Mayo.  We didn't even leave the polite, 'no we couldn't possibly' crumbs on the bottom of the cone.

Frites - Beer Bistro
Looking back, I supposed being situated in the banking district may influence the style but still there are a number of other establishments in the beer, pub genre in the area where a potato skin is a potato skin and not a nugget skin ;^)  Still, it's about expectations.   It was a nice harbour from the cold and the beer selection was very good and the staff were very knowledgeable in their recommendations.  Would I go back?  I would have to be in a very particular mood and probably not for barfood.

Cuisine: Modern, North American
Cost: $$$
Ambiance: Relaxed, Chic, like Yuppy condo
Service: Knowledgable and efficient

18 King St E
(416) 861-9872
Toronto, ON M5C
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