Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saturday, Jan 8th - Off the Wagon, Travelling Tacos - a Warm-up at Winter Farmer's Market

Off the Wagon Travelling Taco Truck
D and I headed out to the weekend Winter Farmer's Market for some of our Veg and Eggs.  It's in a new location a bit further out by Nat Bailey stadium and it's also every weekend.  It's nice that it's every weekend now but the outdoorness of it is a bit risky for Vancouver this time of year.  Luckily, it wasn't raining today, but it was quite chilly. 

After wandering through all the booths at the lovely ingredients for food we would eventually make (sadly except for Parsnips), D had a hankering for food he could enjoy nowish.

D spent over 7 years living in the Bay Area and is a bit of a discerning Mexican food eater.  He'd sooner eat a Taco from a quasi-dodgy trailer on streets of a Mexican village than eat at a Taco Bell or Hernando's in Toronto :^/.  It's not hard, just like any cuisine: use fresh ingredients, cook to order, and stay authentic to the flavours.

Chipotle Pulled Pork Taco and Homemade Chorizo Taco
It started off on a good foot with soft, double wrap Corn Tortillas.  These were approximately the size of a tea cup saucer.  The filling was generous and very fresh.  The Chorizo was slightly too salty but it was scratch made and not at all fatty.  D really liked the Pulled Pork.  It was well seasoned, well cooked and a good portion.  They give you the option to add extra sauces but D wanted to taste the meat for the first visit.  We normally hit the Farmer's every other week if we're not Skiing/Snowboarding and he'd go back.

It started to rain as we walked back to the car. 

Cost: $-$$

Service: Friendly

Off the Wagon, Travelling Tacos
Locations Vary: We caught up at Winter Weekend Farmer's Market by Nat Bailey Stadium
(604) 376-0602
Vancouver, BC 
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