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Friday, December 31st - Mr. Pickwick's Fish & Chips - Marpole - 'To Go'

Cod and Salmon Fish and Chips
It's funny I landed from Toronto this morning with D suggesting picking up Fish and Chips on the way home. Well actually, I landed at lunchtime because Air Canada is not only the rudest airline in the skies but also as terrible at schedules.  I mean really, we sat on the tarmack for 2 hours because they waited for late connections, loading the late connections luggage and then refilling the tires.  Then even though we were late, or maybe because we were, the flight crew, or particularly the flight crew chief decided to take it out on the customers.  I've not seen so much eye rolling from someone older than 11.

Anyhoo, once D made it to the airport and called my favourite Fish and Chip place, Go Fish! but they were closed because the parking lot is being worked.  Waah!  I suggested trying Mr. Pickwick's which we pass all the time on the way to airport on Granville near 70th Avenue.  As well, the chain has the most inane but unforgettable local commercials where this little kid, mouth full of food, quips "Mr. Pickwick's You're the Best."  Well, I thought it was unforgettable.  D did not know what I was talking about but he agreed to try it.

It's a tiny place only big enough for 2 people to sit and eat.  The one in the West End seems bigger and, well, 'slicker'.  We were taking out so it didn't really matter.  We ordered the Daily Special of 2 piece Cod and Chips.  We also ordered a 2 piece Salmon and Chips, a common and yummo Vancouver fish and chip menu item.  We wanted to have one each. The couple running the restaurant were very friendly and asked about which sauces we wanted.  The food was made to order and was only a 10 minute wait.

The Cod was good. It was crispy and a decent portion.  The long elgongated Fish you see in their ads is likely a Cod.  The Salmon on he otherhand was a very small portion.  Each piece of Salmon was slightly smaller than a deck of cards.  Though it may be the within nutritional guidelines to have pieces that small, it is way too small in the Fish and Chip world.  As well, it was clear that it was a frozen block, like the ones you seen in the supermarket in the vacuum sealed bags.  It was WAY over cooked as well.  D also suspected that it was likely Atlantic salmon.  Go Fish at Granville Island does fresh Salmon.  Well, they are on the pier and it would be shameful otherwise.  I take that back, I think all Fish and Chip places in Vancouver should be expected to use fresh fish.  The Fries were quite a small portion and quite greasy.  The order did not come with any Coleslaw, which made me sad.  The Tartar sauce was rather water and not very tart, bland really.

I think when I see their stall at an outdoor fair, which they often attend, I might do the Cod again but when I have my hankering for proper Fish and Chips, I'll stick to Go Fish!  I've also heard good things about Fridays at Rodneys but I'll check that out and let you know.

Cuisine: Fish aka Chip Shop
Cost: $-$$
Ambiance: Takeaway
Service: Friendly and prompt

Mr Pickwick's Fish and Chips
8620 Granville St
(604) 681-0631
Vancouver, BC V6P
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Anonymous said...

Next time, try their deep fried pickles... mmmm


Anonymous said...

All the fish is wild of the coast here except for the haddock which is an east coast fish and the size of the portion may look small but the weight is between 3 and 4 oz which is how much that long pc of cod is