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Thursday, Jan 13th - Vermouth Marinaded Sable Fish with Ginger Soba Noodles and Braised Oyster Mushrooms

Vermouth Marinaded Sablefish with Ginger Soba Noodles
We bought wild Sablefish aka Canadian Black Cod over the summer as well from the fisherman's pier in Steveston.  We bought it flash frozen off the boat so we had just put it in our freezer planning to portion it out later and we only just got to it this week.

This recipe is based on a recipe we got at a Chef Meets Grape event.  The Sable Fish society was giving out these pamflets and this one is a Tojo recipe.  We've made it a few times and really like it.  It is meant to be made with Sake but we were out and we didn't want to buy a bottle just to make this since we prefer the nicer ones that need drinking soon after opening.  We replaced it with a combination of Vermouth and Rice Wine Vinegar.  Still very lovely.

Vermouth Marinaded Sable Fish

2 150-200 g Sablefish Filets
 2 T Mirin (in a pinch you can replace it with 'Sushi Flavouring' if that's what you stock but you'll need a bit more sugar)
2 T Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1 T Vermouth
1/2 T Rice Wine Vinegar
1 t Sugar
1 t Ginger, finely grated

In a shallow dish just big enough for the fish, mix the Mirin, Soy, Vermouth, Rice Wine Vinegar, Ginger and Sugar.  Heat in a microwave for 30s-1 minute to dissolve the Sugar.  Let cool.

Place the filets in the dish and cover.  Refridgerate for at least 24 hours. 48 hours is better but we started late.  Turn once half way.

Preheat the oven to 450F.

In a nonstick shallow baking sheet or dish, place the filets in the oven.  Bake for 10-15 minutes depending on how thick your filets are.

Braised Oyster Mushrooms

200 g Oyster Mushrooms, cleaned
1/2 c Dashi (Japanese Broth usually Bonito/Kelp based or Vegetable Broth
3 T Mirin
3 T Low Sodium Soy

1 t Corn Starch mixed with 2 T Water

Combine the Broth, Mirin and Soy in a small saucepan and bring to a boil.  Add the Mushrooms and reduce the heat.  We like to keep them in bunches broken down into small fist sized portions rather than down to individual Mushrooms.

Simmer for 10 minutes, turning frequently.  Remove the Mushrooms.  Add the Cornstarch slurry and let reduce untily slightly thickened, 2-3 minutes.  Drizzle over mushrooms.

Ginger Soba Noodles

2 bundles, Soba Noodles (Soba Noodles are normally portioned in serving bundles)
1-2 T Low Sodium Soy
1 T Rice Wine Vinegar
1 t Mirin
3-4 T Sesame Oil
2 t Ginger, fresh, finely grated
1 Green Onion
1 t Chili Flakes
1 c Snow Peas (aka Mange Tout) (Optional)

Whisk the Soy, Vinegar, Mirin, Oil, Ginger, and Chili like you would a Vinegrette.  Add the Green Onion, chopped.  Set aside.

Cook the Soba Noodles for 6 minutes.  Add the Snow Peas in the last 2 minutes.  Drain and rinse briefly in cool water.

Toss with the Vinegrette but do not over work.  The Soba Noodles tend to get gummy when coaxed around too much. 

MMMMMMM Except for the reduction on the Mushrooms, everything is quite light.  :^)


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Unknown said...

That had to be one happy sable fish, being marinated in vermouth like that. Wow, what a fantastic recipe. Thanks for sharing.