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Sunday, January 2nd - Triple Chocolate Cashew Brownies - Lower Carb

Triple Chocolate Cashew Brownies
The problem with moving often is losing hand written recipes.  I used to have the best recipe for Peanut Butter brownies that I worked over the years to a dangerously low amount of flour :^D.  So I had to develop a new one and at least this way it's portable.  I'll keep working.  This isn't perfection yet but it is VERY VERY YUMMO!  This will yield very fudgy brownies despite what might seem quite alot of dry goods but the Cashew Flour keeps it moist.  One serendipitous discovery was the Salt. I used coarse Salt instead of fine and it didn't completely dissolve in the chocolate. The effect is amazing.  There are tiny bursts of slight saltiness that brighten the Chocolatiness and add a sophisticated dimension.  They definitely have a solid seal of approval from two self admitted chocoholics around here.
Triple Chocolate Cashew Brownies

6 oz Semi Sweet Chocolate
1/2 c Butter, cut into Tablespoons
1 Vanilla Bean, scraped
1 t Salt
2 Eggs, beaten
2/3 c Cashew Meal (ground Cashews) (you can substitute Ground Almonds but I didn't have any)
1/2 c Flour + 1T
1/3 c Brown Sugar, packed
1/2 c Granulated Sugar
3 T Cocoa, (not drinking Chocolate)
1 T Kahlua
2 T Chocolate, chunks
2 T Pecans, roughly chopped

Butter and line and butter an 8x8 non-stick Baking Pan with parchement paper (not wax paper unless you like eating crayons).

In a small food processor,  place 2/3 c Unsalted Roasted Cashews and 1 T flour.  Mine were frozen and I think that helped clumping.  Pulse continually checking that it isn't clumping.  Shake it around and tap the bowl to ensure the corners aren't collecting clumps.  Don't run constantly too long because you risk turning it into Cashew butter.  It will look like the texture of wet sand.  Set aside.

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

In a pyrex or heat proof bowl, place the Chocolate, Butter and Vanilla Bean scraping.  Place over a pot of activingly simmering water.  You want clearance from the water so the Bowl should be able to sit in the pot not fit in it at all.

I don't like to touch it for 5 minutes until the Chocolate and Butter start too ooze.  Then gently nudge the unmelted pieces closer to the heat.  When most of it looks melted or on the verge of melting, carefully lift the bowl off the water and place on heat proof surface.  Stir with a Silcon Spatula, i.e. heat proof.  Sugar and Chocolate cook VERY hot and will melt regular rubber ones.  Stirring will complete the melting and cool the mixture.  Stir until glistening and smooth.  Add the salt and stir to ensure even distribution..

Add the Sugars and Cocoa.  Stir vigourously.  It will look grainy.  That is okay.  Add the Kalhua and the Eggs.  Work the Eggs in well.  They will absorb completely.  As well, constant mixing will prevent the Chocolate from cooking the Eggs if you haven't let the Chocolate cool enough.

Mix the Flour and Ground Cashews together in a small bowl.  Add the Flour Cashew mix in 1/4 c portions Do not over mix.  Fold by scooping from the bottom and swooping around the outside of the bowl.

Pour into the baking pan.  Shake the pan gently to spread out.  Top with the Chocolate Chunks and Chopped Pecans.

Place the pan into the oven one rack lower than the middle.  After closing the door.  Turn down the heat to 325 F.

Bake for 20-25 minutes.

You can use a T or more less Flour for a fudgier Brownie.  As well, you can use Almonds instead of Cashews.  I did not have any Almonds in the house and have loads of Cashews in the freezer.  Mom has this thing about giving me Cashews when I visit.  They are my favourite but I've stopped taking them since my stores were becoming a bit nuts.  Ground Almonds may be easier for most if you want to avoid doing the grinding because you can buy Almond meal in the supermarket anywhere.  Cashew 'Flour' on the other hand is only available in specialty shops and on line.


Cut with a clean knife and wipe down as you cut or you'll mangle them.


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Loren said...

These look awesome. I love a gooey, fudgy, nutty browny. Mmmmmmmmmm... Making it hard to keep up my resolve to cut back on snacks post holiday.

Hester aka The Chefdoc said...

Yummy, for sure :-) Cashew in brownies... I never would have thought of that! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Belinda @zomppa said...

Moving...and bad handwriting! Love these - especially the cashews!

Amy Bakes Everything said...

ooo, this is speakin' my language! Chocolate and cashews are my fave!

Lauren said...

Oooh cashew flour - never tried it. I bet these are awesome! I love brownies with lots of nuts :)

Tiffany said...

I love the idea of using cashew meal!!!!!

briarrose said...

It drives me nuts when I misplace a recipe. These look delicious even if you are having to recreate. ;)

Unknown said...

I'm a huge cashew fan so having that flavor interlaced with the brownies would be heavenly. I also like the idea of the kosher salt and tasting little bites of it as I eat. Thanks for a great recipe.