Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, Oct 5th - Angel Hair Pasta with Pesto and Canellini Beans

Angel Hair Pasta with Pesto and Canellini Beans
A Vegan friend of mine told me that combining a complex carb with a legume provides you with a complete Protein allowing one to have all the building blocks to stay healthy without the need for meat substitutes or the like.  I saw something similar on Food TV regarding the proliferation of Maiz and Legumes all over the world.  It makes sense, all over, particularly in areas with less access to expensive meat or for religious restrictions, Rice and Beans or Grains and Beans are staple dishes.  I've always wondered how they 'figured' it out.  Really, yes, we know now from nutritional science that the combination gave us complete proteins but how could they?  Curious.  Anyhoo, it's yummo!

I simply cooked Angel Hair pasta and tossed with with 2 T of   Cilantro Cashew Pesto I had made earlier and frozen. Simply defrost for 30 s in the microwave or allow to thaw if you have time.  I added 1 small tin of Canellini beans, drained  in and tossed.  You can choose to briefly heat the beans in a non stick pan before adding to the pasta.  Ours were at room temp and the Pasta was hot.

Garnish with Fresh Parmesan. MMMMM

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