Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, Oct 9th - Agave & Salsa Yaletown - Blah Burritos

Blah Shrimp Burrito from Agave & Salsa, Yaletown
We're prepping the house for alot of visitors so D is going, well, completely overboard on the clean up.  He polished all the bottles in our 'essentials' tray by the stove: Pepper grinder, Salt, Olive Oil.... I mean I did go out of my way to take a rag to the stainless steel  timer but D went back over it with stainless steel polish.  I was exhausted just watching him.  He ran out to run some last minute errands and finished up the cleaning to what I thought were reasonable standards, while watching recordings on the PVR since there is a dearth of good TV on Saturday mornings.  Even the cartoons suck nowadays let alone the reruns on Food.

I hadn't thought too much about lunch.  I had planned on running out for a quick sandwich since we did not want to make a mess of the kitchen before people showed up.  So it was a relief when D came back with the last bits and pieces carrying some take-away burritos from Agave & Salsa from Yaletown.  Normally, I would have preferred he asked me for my order but I was grateful not to have to think at all and just eat.

He ordered me the Shrimp Buritto and he had the Carnitas aka Steak.  D eats lunch there quite often as it's around the corner from his office.  I think he misses the plethora of Burrito offerings in the Bay Area and like me with Sushi has done the rounds for a decent option.  He's settled on Agave as a walking distance option.  He does not care enough for the one on Davie to consider it worth the five block walk.  Believe me, he would make the trek regularly if he did think it yummo enough.  Don't get him started on how much he dislikes Steamers.

I honestly did not see what he thought so praise worthy.  My Shrimp Burrito was not so hot.  He took away little pots of Sourcream and Green Salsa.  The Green Salsa was, well green but had no flavour.  I took out our own store bought green salsa from the fridge.  It still only helped a touch.  The Shrimp Burrito was all Rice and Shrimp.  Granted there was enough Shrimp for there to be Shrimp in nearly every bite but with all that rice, it felt heavy and dry.  Toward the end, there were 3 tiny pieces of diced Tomato but as there were only 3 tiny pieces it seemed as though they had gotten there by accident rather than a deliberate ingredient.  I added loads of Green Sauce to compensate.  I would never order a Burrito there unless I had no other option.  I think given the situation where I wanted a Burrito, I'd go out of my way to go to Budgees.

D on the other hand, insists I write that his Carnitas was as good as any day he goes there for lunch.  His Burrito, as I could see and as he states, was full of Beans, Meat, Rice and other toppings.  He said that he did not order anything specific or different for the two and that that was probably the way they came.  All the more reason never to order a Shrimp Burrito there again. 

Ambience: Lunch counter type place with some cafeteria style seating
Cost: $$-$$$ for lunch

Salsa and Agave Mexican Grill
1223 Pacific Blvd
(604) 408-4228
Vancouver, BC V6Z
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