Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, Oct 8th - Sushi E - Fairview Sushi

Sushi E Fairview Lunch
I am always talking about how Sushi is ubiquitous in Vancouver.  It is true.  Though, I'll admit, it is truer of downtown than south of False Creek.  Still, there is definitely more sushi per capita in those areas than anywhere in North America, but is less varied and few in numbers than downtown.  So, if I find myself at home craving Sushi for lunch, I do not have many quick, easy and lunch-affordable options.  Well, not within a 10 minute walking distance anyway, and that is saying something of Vancouver!  There are a few on Broadway that fall within that lunchable area but certainly not within a lunch budget.  Where downtown there is a plethora of Sushi combos of 16-22 pieces for less than $7, not so in Fairview.  Around here you're looking at single Maki rolls at that price, per 6-8 pieces.  I'm all for paying for those signature rolls when I'm set for a night out for Sushi but not for an everyday lunch.
Recently, just over a year ago, maybe more, when the new shoppping area opened up on Cambie with the large supermarkets, Sushi E opened up.  The first thing that caught my eye was their 2.95 California Roll special.  :^D  That said, it's taken me a long time to walk over there for lunch.  It is still a good hike for work but it is closer than lunch Sushi has ever been.  Here it was a Friday before a long weekend and I found myself with more than a half hour window for lunch.  I took advantage and donned my galoshes and picked up a California Roll and Vegetarian Roll.  They did have set Combinations but I had my mindset on the California.  I had hoped to get some Tempura to go with it but their menu is limited Sushi, Bowls and some appetisers.  So from a variety standpoint, it is limited but not unnecessarily so.  It fits the bill for the role they fill in the hood.  It only seats about 8 people inside and feels like a lunch counter though I have seen a steady flow of customers at most times of the day. 

The rice was slightly mushy and was underseasoned, in that it tasted more like plain steamed rice that Sushi rice.  There was a fair amount of filling to rice but it was a little loosely constructed so that it did not hold up well in transport in chopsticks to the mouth.  I had to resort to fingers for the Vegetable Roll.  The Vegetable Roll was boring.  It was fresh and the lettuce crunch refreshing but entirely without flavour.  I will not order that again.  I will go back and mix up my selection and I am glad to have find an acceptable sushi lunch option but it is what it is.  If you are expecting or wanting more Tojo's is on Broadway not far away :^).

Cost: $$
Staff: Curt and a bit cold but efficient
Ambience: it's a counter

Sushi E
2328 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z
(604) 873-2000

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