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Thursday, Sep 30th - Szechuan Chili Restaurant - Quick Neigbourhood go-to

Szechuan Chili Restaurant Take-Away
This an assuming Chinese restaurant sits in small mall on 6th Avenue between Fairview and Falsecreek.  It's just across the street from the local secret, Apple Hill Market.  Local secret that's not really a secret but it is definitely an oddity.  It is a family run market that is medium sized grocery store whose most unusual attribute is their unbelieveable variety of stock.  If there is something you think you might need, there is a good chance you will find it at Apple Hill: half a dozen brands of Tahini, Agave Syrup, Sauces,..  The one thing they did not have was Black Mustard Seeds but I wager, they'd get them if I asked. 

Back to Chili's.  No one seems to sit and eat there.  We did once but we had been walking home from work together and we ordered one of their set menus that you can't takeaway. It's more a local's goto takeaway.  There is another right next to Apple Hill called ChopNWok but it is pretty low rent, dusy and greasy.  Chilis is not high end Asian cuisine by any stretch of the imagination but it sates the craving when it comes along. 

As far as the eating area, the tables and chairs remind of dining sets from the 80's.  It is not offensive but it definitely utilitarian.  It is clean and the staff are friendly.  As I said, it's their take-away that likely comprises the bulk of their business.  There is swift flow of pick up's and orders all the time. 

We ordered a few dishes and I have my favourite which is the Eggplant.  MMMMM I guess it is greasy by 'normal' standards but believe you me, I have had this dish in many places and it can be much much much oiler and less flavourful.  We also had the Black Bean Prawn.  There were a decent portion of vegetables as well which nice since many more authentic places do not have veg on a protein dish unless specified.  Don't assume.  It's not bad if you do want a big pile of prawn.  I recall their Chili Prawn was like that.  D also ordered their General Tsao Chicken.  The sauce was acceptable.  Not too sweet but the breading was well, it was all breading.  Though, not weighty, it was crispy.  I wonder if it's a North American adaptation but I recall some of the more 'down home' versions of this dish being more braised than breaded.  If you like this breaded version, then you will like this one.  We ordered rice which we never do.   Or rather I never do because if we are walking the four blocks home, I just don't see the point in spending 3-5 bucks on plain steamed rice.  But that's the cheap Asian in me.  I can buy a 5kg bag of rice for 5 bucks :^D

Cost: $$
Decor: It's mainly a take-away but surroundings are pleasant and clean
Service: Friendly and fast

Szechuan Chili

804 W 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z
(604) 874-3737
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Anonymous said...

This place may be take-out primarily in the evenings, but it's pretty busy for lunch! I've been there a number of times, and done the take-out thing and have never been let down. Their szechuan style green beans are outstands, as is the tan tan noodle soup (rich and flavourful, quite spicy and HUGE portion). My absolute face is the chicken with black bean sauch. Their black bean sauce is the best I've had and the peppers in the dish are sooo fresh it really makes it.
The interior is definitely not what you go there, but it's clean, service is fast and friendly, prices are reasonable.