Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 20/21st - Dynamo Donuts - Mission, San Francisco, Homer would approve!

We headed to San Francisco on Thursday.   Our friends A and R are getting married in San Jose.  Funny enough, my sister is invited too.  The couple were set up and my sister O's Taiko concert was the first blind date.  It was mentioned on their wedding website which I thought was pretty cool.  So it was easy to ask to crash at her place but she would have let us anyway.  I was sure that we would have time to go pick up a burrito on the way to O's from the Airport but I had not anticipated the time it took to pick up the rental car.  I had skipped dinner at a normal human time for my late evening Burrioto fix after we landed.  Luckily, I had had a pretty big lunch of a Tofu Stirfry with a Korma Sauce at the cafeteria at work. Really, not bad and made to order. Still, I cannot believe I went the whole long weekend without a Papalote Burrito! The whole week was nearly tainted if it were not for the early morning save at Dynamo's.

O had some snacks for me so I was able to stay my normal hypoglycemic grumpiness.  My sisters' have grown accustomed to shoving sweets at me and telling me I should eat something.  Suffice it to say, I woke up early the next day raring for my Dynamo Donut run!
Sticky Bun
We first saw the place on FoodTV.  It was either Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or the Best Thing I Ever Ate.  Either show is a good bet because they're always very BACON focussed.  Their star is their Maple Glazed Bacon Donut.  All their donuts are made fresh on site and have a-typical, gloriously creative flavours like:  Lemon and Rosemary, Banana de Leche, Apricot Cardamom, Caramel de Sel, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Cornmeal and Spicy Chocolate.  They typically have a dozen or so different flavours and they take the shingle for that flavour down when they sell out.  We were there Friday, mid morning and there was a LINE UP!  We were on vacation but what were these other locals doing there in line for donuts on a school day?  There was a mom with a 1 year old in a stroller playfully screaming 'Donut! Donut!'  His mother was just as puzzled how he knew the word and the location. 
Despite the fact that everyone in line was ordering the Maple Glazed Bacon donuts by the dozen, it did not sell out.  Like I said it is their star and the spotlight on FoodTV probably fuelled that.  It is a yeast donut and is a triple Bacon threat.  It has Bacon in the dough, fat in the glaze (I think) and Bacon bits on top.  I do not normally eat Bacon but I restrict my meat intake wholly for aesthetic reasons only, meaning I do not like the taste.  Above all, I do not like the taste or smell of the fat.   But that's my choice and I do try stuff now and again for adventure or curiousity.  I ordered a Bacon Donut.  D had to eat it for me.  I brought it up to my nose and my nostrils were filled with the Bacon Fat and I was overwhelmed.   I took a bite with my nose plugged and it was more palatable.  It was the taste that is used in Vegan alternatives that I know so well where the fat aroma is missing and why Bacon lovers hate the Vegan stuff :^D  I only had the one bite though.  I had a Cornmeal Blueberry, half a Spiced Chocolate and half a Sticky Bun.  They were all fabulous.  The Cornmeal was very light and had a decent amount of fruit.  The Chocolate was not sweet which was awesome and interesting.  The Sticky Bun was unbelievable.  It was like a gigantic Praline! D had two Bacon Donuts and half a Spiced Chocolate.  We bought O a couple of Bacon Donuts which she inhaled when she got home.  D would have gone back everyday we were down if he had his way.
 Cornmeal Blueberry Donut

The place is adorable and is dominated by their baking area.  The staff are very folksy and friendly.  We stood in line and it moved reasonably well.  Most people took away but we stayed.  D had a couple of Caps and I ordered a Soy Latte, which I fear makes me sound like a Yuppie but it is only a anti-lactose driven requirement.  Kudos on the Latte art.  I really wish I could do better than my 'Cloud'.  :^P

Cost: $
Location: Mission/Portrero Hill
Ambience: Coffee shop meets commune bakery

Dynamo Donuts and Coffee
2760 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 920-1978

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