Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28th - Poached Eggs on a Bed of Brandade and Polenta and Birthday Party Wine and Cheese

I am going to my friend S's for his Birthday Wine and Cheese.  He suggested we have some food before coming over so I planned on a late lunch.  That said, I am writing this barely sober at midnight after biking home from S's and I have to say, I needn't eaten. But I get it when you put out cheese and snacks that you might worry that your guests might still be hungry but I really do not think he had to be concerned.  I am quite sated and I held back.

Anyhoo, I had some food after the gym today. I knew what I had in the fridge but for some reason I could not get out of my head that I wanted some sort of baked good or fried food. I decided I wanted some variant on a Eggs Benedict. I arrived home, after passing half a dozen grocers to realise that I had forgotten to pick up some bread. So as I approached home, I had a dilemna. Earth shattering though it was not, that is the point of the blog. I danced around, baking bread to making crepes and landed on Polenta.

Lunch today is Poached Eggs on Brandade on a bed of Creamy Polenta. MMMMMM

No Fail Poached Eggs
Sweet Potato Coconut Salt Cod Brandade from Friday

Quick Low Sodium Polenta

1/2 c Heavy Cream
1 c Water
1/4 Yellow Polenta (medium/fine Cornmeal)
1/4 t Fresh grated Nutmeg
1/4 t Fresh ground Pepper
1/4 t Sea Salt (optional because the Brandade is salty enough, otherwise season to taste)
1/4 c grated Parmesan

In a small saucepan, bring the Cream, Water, Nutmeg and Pepper to a boil then turn down immediately.

With the Polenta measured out, sprinkle into the liquid while whisking constantly. Keep whisking until it begins to thicken. Add more water or milk if it it thickens too quickly.  Season to taste here but if you are doing the Brandade dish, do not over season because of the salt in the cod already.  Cover and set aside for 10-15 minutes.

Before serving, grate the Parmesan cheese into the pot and mix.  Serve with some fresh Parsley.

I was having this for a late lunch before going to S's for his Birthday Wine and Cheese.  I was originally going to make Ho Cakes but could not bring myself to think of all the work for what was supposed to be an easy meal after the gym :P.  In the end Polenta won but that was all I really changed.

Dish the Polenta out on a plate, this could serve two people as a modest side but I was pretty hungry after the gym.  Spoon the Brandade into mounds on the Polenta where you plan to place the eggs.  Flatten down the Brandade into cup shaped bowls.

Place the eggs into the Brandade cups and serve with fresh Parsley.  MMMM when you break into the medium eggs and the yolk runs into the Brandade and the Polenta, you will think this was well worth poaching. Delicious! YUMMO!

S's Birthday Wine and Cheese was fabulous.  There was over a dozen wines and an insane array of Cheeses. E brought some Port from Portugual.  All of that paired with a Sumo tournament on PVR was perfect for S's birthday!

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