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Mar 12th - Deuce Bungalow and India Gate Reviews - Vancouver

Tonight is Fuse at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Once a month, the Gallery stays open all night with performance art all over the building. We left after work to have a drink and snack before heading over to the Gallery. We walked up and down Granville since we wanted to be near the gallery. Deuce Bungalow is on Granville near Smithe. We pass it all the time and walk on by because it seems so loungey and meat-markety. Well, in daylight and their door wide open, it seemed more welcoming. That said, its decor is very very bachelor pad. Dark leather banquettes and booths surround the perimeter. The walls are dark and decorated with back lit Mexican themed posters. Strange.

The music is VERY VERY LOUD and we were there during happy hour or 5-6 and it was virtually empty. Why was the music so loud? Oddly, there was no Happy Hour offer here and the server tried to convince us that Canada doesn't do Happy Hour specials. I still am not sure if she was being funny or trying to put one over on us assuming we were Olympic tourists. Either way, I was put off by the comment.

The wine list is good. Good variety on the bottles and by the glass. I had a Liberty School CabSav and D had a Grolsch. We ordered their Deuce Bungalow Killer Nachos. They were yum. Fresh made chips and by that I mean not from a bag. You can tell by the lack of graininess and crispiness that is almost like a wonton. Enough cheese with a bit of pineapple and pickled onions and scallions on top. On the side a very cream guacamole and a fresh tomato salsa.

I may return for the nachos but not the ambience or the staff.

Cost: $$-$$$
Ambiance: Loungey, VERY LOUD, not conducive for a meal
Staff: Nice enough but strange "No Happy Hour in Canada" put me off
Location: Vancouver Bar district

Deuce Bungalow
980 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-2969

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After Fuse, we needed dinner. We actually left early because we were getting up early for snowboarding. We went across the road for a noodle bowl at this new place but they are having plumbing issues so we landed back on a comfort selection, India Gate.

We eat here about 2-3 times a year. If you are looking for good quality authetic curry, India Gate would be the place I would recommend. There are other indian/curry joints further west down Robson but they are your typical Westernised curries with the all too often mixed frozen veg mix of cubed carrots and peas. India Gate reminds of some of the simple yet reliably yummy curry places in London's Brick Lane.

What I do love is that all the curries come with rice. It is annoying to me to have to pay a few bucks for steamed rice. I am Asian and we are both frugal and fussy about our rice. That said, their dinner prices just absorb this. Their lunch prices are more reasonable for the fayre on offer. The mains for dinner are 20ish and lunch they are 12ish and that is simply a function of the position of the sun in the sky. Of course, the rice that comes with is a bit old by this time of day and oily. It is seasoned with cardammon seeds and some peas so that they can call them a Pilau. Put the rice aside if you want because the curries are great. Hot, full of flavour and the heat is to your selection. "Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot". MMMMM

Their Naan is nice too but we did not get it today because of the nachos earlier. You are served fresh Poppadom as you are seated as well so we were good. Their naan is good though. Their rice is the only down side.

I had the Prawn Korma which is a nut based curry with sliced almonds on top. All prawn and curry. If there are veg in a dish like this, other than onion, and it is not a vegetable curry, then it is a western affectation. I was very nearly going to get their Bartha or the Eggplant curry. I have had it alot and it is awesome. D had the Chicken Vindaloo. He got medium but he was sniffling throughout his meal. It came with potatoes. I was surprised. I do not think I have ever seen a vindaloo come with potatoes. D did like it though and we both fully completed our dishes. If you do not want to splurge on Vij or want a more traditional simple curry, come here. Set aside the tired 80s decor and dodgy carpet. This place has a steady flow of clientele all day and most days of the week. I will return for the Korma.

Cost: $-$
Ambiance: Tired and the carpet is a bit dodgy
Staff: Indifferent to cold but nice to regulars. We are sadly not regular enough.
Location: Central downtown.

India Gate
616 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2B9

(604) 684-4617

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Anonymous said...

FYI it is actually illegal in this province to discount liquor between specific hours ie 5-6. As a licensee of either a food primary or liquor primary it is also illegal to advertise or encourage patrons to drink irresponsibly.
Most civilians have no clue as to what actually is or isn't allowed in B.C.

Yummo said...

That is super interesting. I don't think many people know that, certainly not the places I have seen with 'Happy Hour' specials. So I don't think the innocence is limited to 'Civilians'.