Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar 11th - Catch-up - Jan 30th - Scotch Pancakes with Carmelised Bananas

Tonight is a catch up as I went to a charity fundraiser at the Four Seasons for the Minerva Foundation, It is a foundation that helps women and girl all around Canada with business consultation, loans, scholarships and coaching. I have been to or volunteered at this 'All About Girlfriends' event for years. It has gotten to be tighter and tigher run event. Almost all the silent auction lots went for more than value. Only a few years ago, I would say half of the lots went far below value which is a shame both for the donars and the foundation. Four Seasons is a fantastic venue for such events and their selection of appetisers and tipples are wonderful. I have been here for other fundraisers including the BC Children's Hospital Crystal Ball and it was stunning. I did win a wonder auction lot there of a weekend in Whistler and an enormous Rocky Mountain chocolate basket that lasted months. I would recommend it as a venue for any event.

I was a tad late though as I had to go past the Robson Square on the way and I knew the torch was on approach and the final carrier to the mini cauldron was Roberto Luongo of the Gold Medal Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey team. Woooo, I mean Luuuuuu! I thought I was being so clever standing near the cauldron but as I was behind the rope and many very tall media, I saw very little. I should have stood out on the sidewalk about and at least I would have seen him run by.

Scotch pancakes are a cross between fluffy North American pancakes and French crepes. In the UK their pancakes are generally of this flatter kin. You can roll them like crepes but they have some bubbly texture like pancakes. Though unlike both their cousins, they're slightly chewier. I used to love getting them fresh and premade in the bread aisle as you would soft tortilla wraps. Like crepes, they're lighter and I can easily eat half a dozen. I'm usually sick of regular pancakes after two even really nice ones. Far too cakey for me. So these are a great compromise.

Scotch Pancakes

1/2 c flour
1/4 c rye flour (or buckwheat)
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 t salt
1/8 c buttermilk (or 1/8c regular milk with 1 t lemon juice)
1/8 c cold water
2 large eggs, beaten
vegetable oil to fry

Whisk all the ingredients together except the oil. The batter will be a loose creamy consistency. If too thick, thin out with milk or water. Heat a non stick pan on medium heat and add a bare 1/2 t of oil. Ladel in about 1/4 c into the pan and swirl around to spread slightly. It will cook faster than a crepe. When the top starts to bubble or doesn't glisten anymore and seams more solid, flip. It should be a light golden colour.

Keep warm in the oven or eat as you go. That's what we do. Eat with Maple syrup, jam or nutella. Or as I did, slice a banana. Heat 2T sugar in a small non stick pan until it melts. Do not stir or move the pan. Just let it go. When it's melted you can move the pan. When it turns slightly golden, add 2T butter and the bananas.. Toss to coat. Add a 1/2 T rum or kalhua.

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