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Feb 28th - Gold Medal Hockey Brunch at Moxies West-End

I keep thinking I'll grow up. One day, I just may entirely lose my sense of humour and playfulness and do that. I just hope it's not anyday soon. After only 6 hours of sleep, I woke up at 8am on a Sunday to stand in line at a bar so that we could have seats to watch a hockey game at noon. Really.

My friend P texted me that we had all finally agreed on the West End so we could be downtown after the game. Since B and V were in the West End, they could easily fall out of bed and go line up somewhere. We had originally planned for the Score but I texted B at 9 while I was enroute and she had said the line was already outrageous. I saw a couple of places on my way but they were on the south side of the bridge. B and V checked out Yaletown and they decided to go back the West End. After a few hems and haws, we landed in Moxies on Davie near Thurlow. There was only a bitty line. B and V were able to snag a small table in front of the TV in the lounge side. It had a fireplace and a decent flat screen. The bar side was already full and the line outside was growing.

Since we were there early, we ordered brunch. The wait staff were well aware that everyone in the house was in for the long haul. Sunday's specials on drinks were the Caesars. Actually, they are in a few places in Vancouver, oddly enough. I ordered the Crab and Scallop Cake Eggs Benedict. Everyone had a variety of scrambles, sausages, eggs and so forth.

M, late arriver, next to me had regular Benedict, B & V had a Meditarranean Vegetable Scramble with Feta. The scramble came in a cute mini skillet with hasbrowns and toast. B and V ordered the same thing but they certainly did not receive the same thing. V's portion was at least 25% bigger and poor B didn't get any feta on top. How weird is that!? The hash was undercooked all around but they're probably not used to the number of people they saw this day. The regular benedict looked rather sad. Instead of an english muffin, they used VERY thinly cut baguette.

Mine was okay. It could have been great but it was a tad salty. The eggs were cooked perfectly with slightly runny yolks. YUMMO! They sat a top small, egg sized crab and scallop cakes. It was full of real crabmeat. Nice portion and well cooked. Actually, the cakes were the only salt issue. That sat on top of the paper thin baguette slice. Over it all was a lovely hollandaise sauce which had a slight curry flavour to it. I'm not sure if it was for my dish and the crab cakes which had a bit of spice and coconut flavour. Eitherway, it was great without being oily or heavy. I would order it again if I knew for sure I wouldn't have the same salt level.

I've had a similar dish at the Reef called Jamaican Me Crabby Eggs Benedict. Fantastic.

Once breakfast was cleared, E went for a bit apple crisp dessert. She was the smallest one there so this was hilarious. Everyone else started to order beers and caesars. Service was prompt, efficient and friendly. Several tables and large groups with several orders and rounds and the bills were all fine. Oh, I almost forgot. M showed up later than most. The game hadn't started but we'd already eaten. There were no chairs to be had. There were these posh, red alligator skin footstool chairs in the ladies restroom in front of the vanity. Our server brought one out for M. I thought that was so awesome. Above and beyond helpful. It was already crowded and we were already in their way as they navigated with pitchers and food. Unlike, the Cactus Club, the servers were very apologetic and considerate. AND it wasn't about the tip. All restaurants in downtown started including the gratuity in the bill during the Olympics. It might sound shocking but other places in the world don't have this in their culture and the restaurants were looking out for their staff.

Cost: $$-$$$
Ambience: Warm, cabin, casual
Staff: Efficient, friendly
Location: Central

Moxies Classic Grill
1160 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC

Moxie's Classic Grill (Davie Village) on Urbanspoon

And of course.... CANADA won! Gold! I will not even attempt the play by play. There are too many sports writers who will do that. I write from an observer's view. Every Canadian goal was pure bliss and every American one was agony. Why Kessler? Why? We had a cheerleader at a nearby table that had the room going in unison.

There was only 1 broken glass despite all the jumping around and nailbiting. I mean who would have guessed that USA could have tied it up with 24 seconds left in regular time. Really!? I was so stressed. Everyone's heart was palpating so loud it was audible. We looked out the window at one point that there wasn't a single car on an otherwise busy thoroughfare. Perfect.

It was a wonderful game to watch and experience. And waking up to meet friends on a sunny day was really the only way to watch that game... to experience it. We took the long way home with a 4-5 hour walk around Vancouver. Mayhem, joy, chaos, elation.. you name it. It was wonderful. What a way to end the Olympics.

That is not to say that it was the end all and be all other than from a chronological standpoint. It was that match up on that day that made it so big for me. For most, it is Canada's game. It is like futbol is to Europe; part of the nation's identity and culture. It was sibling rivalry on a global scale and the little Canuck won!

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