Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 31st - Leftover Vegan Bolognese with Parpdelle and Gibson

We were in Whistler today and so that normally means a couple of things: 1. We're exhausted. 2. D wants pasta. When we make pasta sauce, we normally jar the leftovers into the mason jar the tomatoes come in. Tonight we're having one of my preferred pasta shapes, Parpadelle. Parpadelle is a flat and wide pasta, about 1 inch wide. We used a Garafolo brand. It's slightly more expensive than most supermarket brands and sometimes it's worth the extra cost but not always. Their Linguine is just okay. They are one of the only brands that make Parpardelle around here. I used to buy Marks and Spencers when I was living in London. MMMM. My friend Xavier got me hooked on Marks and Sparks Parpardelle actually.
Before dinner D made us some Victoria Gin Gibsons.


2 parts Gin
1 part Vermouth
1 toothpick
3 pickled onions

Crush a handful of ice and place in a cocktail shaker. Pour in the proportions depending on how many you're making. Shake for a minute and strain into Martini glasses. Add a toothpick spear of pickled onions.

It's a nice delicate drink. The Victoria Gin has a lovely, rose petal quality. It's a gentle nudge instead of a shove like some gins like Beefeater that I can't stand.

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