Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12th - Lamplighter Pub - Gastown - Vancouver

Tonight is my friend S's birthday. She loves pubs. She loves drinking on Tuesdays. She loves drinking in pubs on Tuesdays. Therefore, her birthday which lands on a Tuesday this year would take place in a pub.

Alas, I don't have the luxury of tying one on a Tuesday anymore. Particularly since I have a 7am call with a team member in Montreal tomorrow morning, sigh. As well, D was at home and I promised we'd finish the Cioppino tonight. So I went for a quick chat and snack. There were a couple of tables of us but the place was fairly empty so it wasn't an issue.

Though the staff seemed rather indifferent and not too friendly. Everyone was ordering food and beer but she didn't seem at all interested in the potential of a gratuity. I even over heard her make a snarky comment to an early departer about wanting change from her bill. Nice. The place was newly decorated and looks sleek at the off but actually, it's way too dark, the furniture is uncomfortable. We were at at the two enormous spool tables at the window and they were so awkward in height in placement. The stools were too low and the table too high and you couldn't sit close enough to sit under it. As well, the table was so large you had to yell across but the music was so loud, even though it was empty, that it was fairly useless to yell anyway.

The beer specials are fairly good. A 'sleeve' glass, slightly smaller than a pint is under 4 bucks many nights. They have pitcher specials on many nights. The wine list is fairly run of the mill for Gastown. My guess is that it's one really aggressive sales person who's hit all the restos in the area. Mission Hill, Dessert Hill.... uninspiring. I guess one doesn't go there for wine anyway.

I had Yam fries. I normally am disappointed by the portion size so when I saw a Sm and Lg option, I chose Lg assuming people would eat some. It was a gianormous portion. I was working and only made it through half. I had the choice of Chipotle, Garlic or Curry mayo. The fries were cripy and hot but there were lots of 'end bits'. Still for 8 bucks, not bad!

Many of the others had the burger and beer special for the night for 10$. Burgers looked fresh and handmade.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend it for food or a meal to catch up with a few friends. It's good for a party and a drink up. The food is as such as well.

Cost: $-$$
Ambience: Loud and Dark
Staff: Indifferent
Location: Slightly dodgy
Cleanliness: Newly renovated

Lamplighter Pub
92 Water Street
Vancouver, BC

(604) 687-4424
(Water and Abbott)

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