Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feb 4th - Catch Up - Oct 12th - Brunch at Chloe's Cafe

Banana Walnut Pancakes & Scrambled Eggs
Avocado & Cheese Scrambled Eggs
Mom was visiting San Francisco in October. It was her first travel by plane in over a decade. She's done a few bus trips with her church groups over the years so this was a pretty big deal. I flew down for one weekend to hang out with my two sisters for the end of her visit. Mom was there for a couple weeks but like I've mentioned, last fall was pretty hectic at work so I couldn't get away for more. Still we did quite a lot in the three day weekend I was down there.

We went for Brunch in Noe Valley near O's place in the Mission. Noe Valley is a really cute little neighborhood that feels like a small village. It's got some great food and funky clothing shops. It was actually our second choice. O was originally taking us to a lebanese place she's been meaning to try but it was closed. It was closed on a Monday. How odd is that? Anyhoo, serendipitous really because O took us up the block to Chloe's. She had ruled it out because she thought it would be too busy and too expensive. Well, we were there anyway and yes we waited on the sidewalk for nearly half an hour.

It is a very small little cafe with seating for approximately 20. It's a well known place and people are pretty accustomed to the wait. You pop by, put your name on the clipboard on the chair outside and wait or come back. It was too chilly for the small table on the sidewalk. I don't like it when eggs get cold.

It was really worth the wait. The food was fresh and generous. The eggs were done perfectly, light and fluffy.

I had the Avocado and Cheese scramble with homefries and walnut toast. There was easily 1-2 avocadoes and it was oozing with cheese. The toast was lovely. Mom hand plain pancakes, scrambled eggs and a fruit cup. O had banana walnut pancakes, scrambled eggs and a fruit cup. The pancakes were light and delicate, not heavy or doughy. Really wonderful! I was rather disappointed that the coffee was extra though they were bottomless. It is on the higher end on pricing for breakfast, ~20/person. It was worth it for mom's big trip and it was a nice way for O to spend the day off with us. We definitely didn't need lunch for many many hours!

Cost: $ (for breakfast)
Ambience: Cozy and welcoming (tiny dining room)
Service: Nice
Food: Fresh, high quality, generous portions

Winner of SFGate's 2009 Best Breakfast

Chloe's Cafe
1399 Church St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 648-4116

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