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Feb 21st - Wimaan Thai Restaurant and a Golden Olympic encounter

You simply can't make plans in days like this. I like to make plans but I like to go with the flow. The way I navigate during festivals like this would make most people's heads spin. So when D said that I could go wonder in town while he finished the painting, I jumped. I did watch the Canadian Women's curling team kick British arse. That's not a curse word in Canada :-D.

I headed straight to CTV to see if I could get some pins but the line was too long so. I had decided to head to the #Olympic Aboriginal House. I bumped into Joe Sakic the hockey player who couldn't walk 10 ft without being stopped and all he wanted was to get to the Bay to buy some mitts. But, though I live in Vancouver and work downtown, I can't read those blasted Olympic tourist maps. I headed up Granville for a snack pitstop. Saw a LOOOOOOOONG 4-5 hour line for the Canadian Mint for folks to see real medals. 7 hours if you wanted your photo with them... comeon!

So I headed north but too far and ended up at the Northern House which I was still convinced was the Aboriginal House until I got inside. Lucky break really. It was fantastic. I was first put off by the long line but it moved in large chunks so I didn't wait more than 15 minutes. It was Nunavut Day yesterday so there were presentations I was really fortunate to have caught. I saw the Premier Eva Aariak, the Mayor of the Capitol and the Senator. As well, suddenly, John Furlong, CEO of VANOC appeared with a presentation for Eva. They had throat singers and a Northern traditional atheticism presentation. I was in there for nearly an hour! The artwork and information was just great. I had my picture taken with Eva, who is rumoured to possibly be the next Govenor General but my card reader blipped out and then I couldn't get near her again.

I headed to Livecity Vancouver to meet up with friends for the Hockey Game but the line was like an hour long. I couldn't find them in line so I got in line at the end. Then they decided to go elsewhere because even if you get inside, you need to line up for the beer garden as well. So I left to go find the real Aboriginal House. I got in line but then they cut the line off because it was too full. Nevermind, I headed toward Granville because I had a sushi craving. On the way, I saw a looooong line at a Cheerio booth. I thought, free Cheerios is cool but this line is ridonculous. So I snuck upto the top to see what was going on. Two Canadian atheletes and GOLD medalists, Warren Tanner and Maelle Ricker were signing autographs and taking pictures. I couldn't get past the security but that was okay. I really only wanted a photo. I was only a few feet away from where I was standing.

I then continued to the Granville street and got some great photos of folks getting pumped up for the Canada v USA Game. I bought my sushi and dashed over the bridge to meet up with D and family visiting from Montreal. After some sightseeing and failure to get a seat anywhere to see the game in doors, we decided to go home. We watched it at the open Francophonie stage for the first period but it was pretty chilly by then. All mention of the game stops here.

We were going to order Chinese but Chillies Szechuan was closed!! How odd. We went for Thai food up around the corner on Broadway. We'd taken away and eaten there in the past so we new it was good.

We ordered a few dishes and some rice: Yellow (coconut) Fish Curry, Spicy Asparagus and Shrimp,Tofu Pad See Eww, Sweet and sour chicken with vegetables Pork with mushrooms, Rice

I always get the Phad See Eww or Phad Kee Moew. I like the wide flat noodles and the basil. This was alright though very very dry this time. And not a basil leaf in sight. Still it was nicely savoury and the noodles where well cooked and there was lots of tofu.

I didn't have the Chicken or the Pork so can't really comment. We got them as fairly neutral dishes for some of our guests that we were worried wouldn't enjoy the really authentic thai dishes. D doesn't really care for the chicken because he doesn't like sweet and sour but he did say that both dishes were fresh and well cooked. For those a bit timid about straying from they chinese takeaway, try those.

The Asparagus in spicy sauce with Prawn was fantastic. Large fresh, delicately cooked prawns were numerous. The asparagus were cooked al dente and tasted very fresh. The sauce could have been spicier and it was a tad oily but you could avoid the oil. It was a very tasty dish.

The Yellow (coconut) Curry was a STAR! I believe the fish was sole and nicely cooked. The sauce was rich and flavourful. The fish was complimented with carrots and potatoes. I guess it was their migratory version of Korean and Japanese curry. Very nice. I will have this dish again and again.

We ordered two rice and it was enough for six people. Generally, if we're having asian takeaway, we make our own rice. Seems a bit of a waste to me to pay 2-3 dollars for rice if I eat at home. That's me though and D is kind enough to play along.

Price: $
Ambience: casual, dark, potential for intimate but can be loud
Location: central to Fairview
Staff: friendly

Wimaan Thai Food Restaurant
1063 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

V6H 1E2
(604) 730-9963

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