Friday, February 05, 2010

Darned Stupid Blogger and Netfirms Support!!

I tried to move my address for this blog to my own domain It did not work. I tried over a month ago to change the DNS servers the way that the instructions and forums say. It did not work. I decided to do the lazy thing and forward to this blogspot address. However, will never get indexed and come up on searches if I don't go whole hog on the use of the domain. Grrrr.

Yesterday I tried to do the transfer on the Settings tab on Blogger. It did not work. It goes in circles from my forward. Today I posted a question on Blogger forums and some nice people instructed me that my DNS servers were not set up correctly. Yes. I know. The instructions are NOT clear to me and how they align to my domain provider. Had I known that I could have bought my domain from blogger, I would have happily done so. Regret. Next year. That said, here I am.

The nice guys on the Blogger forum told me I needed to set up my DNS servers like this: 300 IN A 300 IN A 300 IN A 300 IN A 300 IN CNAME

I found this information earlier on the instruction sections of Blogger. It did not work. I don't know what any of that means in terms of meta data? What are the headers to these columns? When I go to with their slow support and help pages that refer to tabs that don't exist on my control panel, I see this:

Where does the go? Where does the 3oo go? Where does the IN A go? I thought I knew where the IP address went but that was wrong too. So I'm reverting to my blogspot address because at least I don't leave my readers hanging. For crying out loud, somebody help me! I thought Blogger was supposed to be easy. It is not!

I won't even go into the disaster it was to try to turn my template into a three column template.

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