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Worth the Wait - Tojo's - Vancouver

Tojo's - Celebration 2010 Roll

I don't know exactly why it took us so long to eat here.  It took us up until we were moving away to go.  We tried to hit as many of those as we could.  I mean really, it is around the corner from our house, well a few blocks.  Perhaps because there is so much sushi about we put it off.  But really, there is no equivalent.  Tojo's is in a class by himself in Vancouver.  The original Sushi man in town, his committment to quality, authenticity and flavour is unmatched in a town peppered to all corners with Japanese cuisine.

Tojo's - Nigiri - Unagi, Uni, Akami, Sake left to right
We booked early so that bringing lil T would not be an issue.  Really, I truly do not believe that it would have mattered.  The staff, dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, were extremely gracious.  They did not have high chairs but they did have booster chairs.  Since we were given a quiet booth toward the back, it was okay for lil T to use the booster even though it were a tad wobbly.  If we had been seated at a table, it would have been dodgy.  Even in the middle of the week at opening, there were a number of diners already there.

Tojo's - Goma-ae
Knowing it would be a while or unlikely we would be back, altogether anyway since we both travel for work, we went all out and ordered quite alot of Sushi Rolls and Nigiri, D's preference.  We started with the Goma-ae.  It was different and fabulous. My friend S makes it himself and his and this are the best I've had.  The thing about Tojo's is that they use fresh Spinach and was very delicately dressed. MMMMMMM

Tojo's - Great Canadian Roll
The Sushi was simply amazing.  The Rice was well flavoured and had great texture.  The fish was perfectly fresh.  It was very clear that Tojo's gets the pick of the catch each day.  You will not go astray ordering any of the rolls. We had the Celebration 2010 Roll: an inside-out roll with crab, pineapple and asparagus with tuna, wild Pacific salmon, red snapper, spinach and egg. The unique Spider Roll because like Tira Misu, if it's on the menu I order it: Deep friend Soft Shelled crab deep friend wrapped in a Cucumber Crepe. The Great Canadian Roll: Atlantic Lobster with Pacific Smoked Salmon, East to West Canadian. D ordered a large selection of Nigiri and just when we thought we might bust, I ordered an Unagi (BBQ Eel) for good measure.

Tojo's - Spider Roll in Cucumber Crepe
On the way out, we saw Tojo speaking to a waiter.  We stalked him and asked him for a photo with LilT to which he very quickly obliged. What a treat the whole evening was.

Tojo's - Unagi, Hamachi x2, Uni, Toro, Tuna, Tai

Ambiance: elegant yet not austere
Staff: gracious and knowledgable
Kid friendly: it is because the staff are so nice though if you have a raucous child, you will feel out of place though they will not make you feel out of place.
Cost: $$$$

(604) 872-8050
1133 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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Tojo himself!
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