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Tasty Local Sushi - ASA Sushi - Bloor West

Asa Sushi - Tempura Appetizer is Vented Takeaway Box
I am bit cautious about suburban sushi in Toronto.  I find that since the quality in Toronto for Sushi in general is quite poor, primarily because of quality and price of fresh seafood, I have to be picky.  So I have decided to take precautions to avoid mushy, flavourless sushi by trying to only eat more expensive Sushi unless I'm having a craving at lunch.  Thus, when it comes to affordable suburban Sushi, yeah, I have pretty high doubts.

My neighbour recommended ASA.  He touted that it is because of him that the pieces of fish are larger than average.  He had said he had gone right at the opening and complimented the owner on the size of the seafood in their rolls and how that differentiated them from the other places in Bloor West.  They have kept that up, I'll agree.  Plus, they have a lunchtime Sushi box!  Woohoo.  So working from home and having a sushi craving, I hauled myself down to Bloor and Jane.

I called ahead and ordered the Sushi Lunchbox and an appetiser portion of Tempura.  They told me 15 - 20 so I timed my departure.  It was hot and ready for me upon my arrival.  It's located in the business mall on the corner with the movie theatre.  It's a typical japanese storefront restaurant decor.  Clean and cozy.  It was nearly half full at lunch which is great sign.  The staff were friendly and fast and the price was reasonable.

Asa Sushi - Sushi Lunch Special with a LARGE Miso
The Lunchbox comes with a California Roll and a Salmon Roll with a Miso Soup.  Bear in mind the container you see is the size of a hamburger box and not a full meal box.  The Tempura is a 5 piece serving with 1 large Prawn.  The rolls were very fresh with, as I said, a decent sized amount of seafood.  The Rice could have had a bit more seasoning but it wasn't bland and was cooked to a nice texture.  The Tempura was great.  I love the box it came in.  Yes, I'm sorry to say, it was a styrofoam container but it is of recyclable grade.  The cool factor was that it was vented.  I was concerned when I ordered the Tempura for Take Away it would be wilted by the time I arrived home.  Now it wasn't as crispy as it would have been if I had eaten on site but it was crispier due to the vented box.  The batter was light not as light as at Ematei but it was good and not too oily.  The Miso was hot but there wasn't any Tofu or Seaweed which is always a nice add.  It was a large bowl though.  The one thing I will miss about my favourite lunch Sushi place in Vancouver, Bay Sushi, is the fact that they include a small dipping pot for the Soy Sauce.  They gave me a small container of Tempura dipping sauce so I reused it for the Soy, which they provided.  It's odd that they wouldn't include one for the Soy Sauce if they're going to provide it.  No where in Toronto do they provide it.  How wonderful would it be not to have to dribble on Soy from foil packets at lunch.  Longos has them to hand for sampling if you ask for one.  

They have their own website which is updated regularly.  They let us know they were on vacation last week which is always nice.  Who likes to show up without knowing right?

I will be going back for Lunch here regularly when I work from home!

Cost: $$-$$$
Ambiance: typical japanese diner
Staff: friendly
Kid friendly: room for stollers but there are stairs to the front door.

Asa Sushi
(416) 604-3001
Bloor West Village
18 Jane St
Toronto, ON M6S
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for Lunch Sushi

(my cost ratings are relative to type of restaurant and quality of food, i.e. is it good value.  that said if you see $$$$ you're looking at 30 for a main dish and even if it's a 'tapas' place, the cost rating will be what an individual would order as a main and not each dish which is a rating scam in my books.)


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