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Stinky T&T Toronto Waterfront Nightmarket - Stinky Tofu and Heatwaves DO NOT MIX

Sloppy Takoyaki with Dodgy Mayo - TnT Waterfront Nightmarket
I was psyched when I found out that Toronto may have something similar to the Richmond Nightmarket in the Vancouver area.  It is awesomeness.  Squeezed into an industrial area roughly the size of a football field, it is a wall to wall Asian Street Food and trinket bonanza.  It's about half half on the Food to 'flea-market' and a small area for a stage which we normally bypassed since it was usually some amateur singing event.  We zipped in and out armed with pockets full of loonies and twoonies, filled up on about half a dozen of our faves, bought some random smartphone accessory, cartoon socks and stocking stuffers for Christmas and zipped out before it became unbearably crowded.  It is very popular so if you're not a crowd person, you should try to go to the Richmond Nightmarket before 10pm.  The Toronto T&T Nightmarket? Well that one, you can give a miss entirely.

BBQ Scallops - TnT Waterfront Nightmarket
What a disappointment.  Who would have thought that a city nearly 10 times the population would have such a pitiful Asian nightmarket.  It's located out by the Docks just east of Downtown.  The location isn't bad if you want a large space but unfortunately, instead of using the very large parking across the road from the T&T, the squeezed it into the T&T small parking lot and charged for parking across the way.  The entire market could have fit into the endzone of a football field.  The situation was seriously exacerbated by the 35degC weather and the half a dozen Stinky Tofu kiosks.  Oh yes, Stinky Tofu is what it is called.  I was not using a euphamism.   It is a Fermented Tofu that is cooked and served hot.  Are you gagging?  Well, imagine it wafting into your nostrils aggressively no matter which way you turn.  Is it that bad you ask?  I am not exaggerating when I say, the best way to imagine the smell would be to take the strongest Blue Cheese you've ever come across, place it into your kitchen composter on pick up day then take the bin and drop it into an outhouse and then heat the whole thing up in your tumble dryer.  It was simply revolting.

Dodgy Mayo Takoyaki kiosk - TnT Waterfront Nightmarket
We tried to steer around them and buy some food.  I hunted for some Takoyaki which I always love in Asian streetfood markets.  There were only a few choices and I sadly chose the first one in an attempt to avoid the Stinky Tofu.  They were terribly small, dressed really sloppily and their Mayo was left sitting out on the counter in the blistering sun.  D tried some Vietnamese Shrimp kebobs on Sugarcane.  They were deep fried which was a bit disappointing for D.  They were okay but quite small and very expensive and oily.  H, my cousin, bought some BBQ'd fresh Scallops.  Simple BBQ seafood turned out okay.  After walking around like a game of Pacman trying to avoid the Ghosts that were Smelly Tofu, we decided to call it quits and go inside to eat in the T&T food area instead.  I bought some bad Sushi and H bought some cold Dim Sum.

BBQ Kebobs - TnT Waterfront Nightmarket
We went back out to look at the trinkets.  There was only really two-three stalls.  One dude selling toys and one selling some of the stuff I like.  I bought an iPod tether and surrendered.  We left soon after.  I would NOT recommend this to anyone or take any visitors.  We really should have hit the Spicy Food fest at the Harbour Front instead and if we didn't have lil T with us, we probably would have gone after.

Ambiance: stripmall weekend carnival, the sad kind
Cost: $$$ for streetfood

TnT Nightmarket
222 Cherry Street

ZERO / 7.  I don't even have a graphic for ZERO / 7.

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