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Regular Toronto Thai Noodle Craving - Salad King - Downtown Toronto

Very Oily Spring Rolls - Salad King - Toronto
When I am living outside Toronto and come back to visit the folks, there is slate of cravings I need to sate while I'm home apart from mom's awesome Korean food.  Whilst living in Vancouver, the foremost is good Thai food.  Vancouver is not very good for Thai food.  Sushi yes.  Quite a few years ago, I went to the Salad King with a friend who chose it, confused by why she would drag me to a Salad Bar for lunch.  That was at the previous address down the street from Ryerson before the dodgy fire allegedly set by the landlord.  As I read the menu salivating, I saw a lovely coconutty noodle dish heaped with Tofu and Vegetables.  I asked the diners what that was.  They told me it was the Islamic Noodle.  I scoured the menu for it because I still like to read the description even if I've seen the dish.  They stopped me and told me it was not on the menu.  How odd.  I simply ordered it without a secret password or hand signal.

Disappointing Cold Islamic Noodle - Salad King - Toronto
It was wonderful.  Luscious, piping hot and a wonderful portion with lots of Veg and Tofu.  It's not the fanciest of Thai restaurants in Toronto but it's a, dare I say, trendy place that sort of reminds me of Wagamama in London.  I make a point of going there at least once a year when I'm back, if not every other year.  I've managed to do that for almost ten years now except the year of the fire whilst I was preggers and dying for an Islamic noodle, waah.  Over all those years, I get the same dish and in all those years, they have not put it on the menu.  Funny.

Bangkok Stir Fry - Salad King Toronto
I went recently with my cousin and our friend A after work at the new location right on Yonge.  I ordered the usual without hesitation and added a Spring Roll.  If I had written a review on any other occaison, it would have been a glowing one.  Always prompt service though not the friendliest and the food has always been hot and generous but not stupid.  This time, the food was lack lustre.  Everything came in odd succession.  The Spring Rolls were very very oily.   My beloved Islamic Noodle was room temperature and not at all luscious and coconutty.  I was rather disappointed and for the first time in nearly a decade, I left quite a bit on the plate. My cousin had the Bangkok Stir Fry with Bean Thread Noodle.  She rarely complains but I'll note for you she left at least half her plate.  I tried it and it was okay but again, rather cold.  I'm actually hesitating going back if the change in location has also changed their cost structure and staff enough to result in what I had that night.

Ambiance: chaotic buzzy, modern, loud
Service: usually prompt but indifferent, tonight, slow, inattentive and indifferent
Cost: $$-$$$
Family friendly: There were kids, high chairs available but place is loud for dinner and lunch.

Salad King
(416) 593-0333
Downtown/University of Toronto
340 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5G1H1
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Room Temperature entree

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