Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Eggs! - Rustic Homemade Gnocchi

No Eggs Gnocchi
I'm quite lucky to have family around me that are so passionate about good food.  My brother in law has been working for years in a very well known Italian restaurant in Montréal.  He's in the front of the house but the family who owns the restaurant runs it like an extended family and the love of the food is pervasive.  That means that JL feeds his family rustic, real and nutrious Italian food and loves doing it.  One of my favourite Italian foods is Gnocchi, real pillow soft, light as air Gnocchi.

When we were in Montreal visiting, JL out of nowhere announced he had bought some potatoes because he was going to try to make Gnocchi the way he'd seen at work.  That means, NO EGGS.  The old fashioned, authetic Gnocchi is just Potatoes and Flour.  Mind boggling as it may seem, it's true and they were fabulous.  The caveat is that because of how delicate they are, you cannot make ahead or store or you will have a container full of mashed potatoes. 

Key here is obviously the right potato.  YOu need fluffy potatoes because so a Russet would work best but you can experiment.  Yukons are probably not the best for the very quality I love them, they are waxy and heavy.  Serve with a light homemade Pesto or light Marinara sauce, simple, Tomatoes, Garlic, fresh Basil and Olive Oil.

Serves 5-6

2-3 lbs Russet Potatoes
1-2 c Unbleached All Purpose Flour
Boiling Water

Peel and boil the Potatoes until fork tender.  Drain off almost all of the water and reserve some as needed.  Mash.  Season, taste.

Turn out on a VERY floured surface.  I mean pour half cup of the flour out on the counter.  Work the Flour into the Potatoes like you're kneading dough.  Depending on your counter space, you will probably need to do this in batches. You want it quite soft but not falling apart.  Knead more flour or water in as needed.  Keep well covered in Flour so it doesn't stick to your fingers.

Roll into cigar sized rolls and cut into 1 inch pieces. 

Bring a big pot salted water to a boil but not a vigourous boil.  As you cut the Gnocchi into 2 c batches, dump them into a medium sieve and shake lightly to get rid of too too much flour and them dump into the water.  BECAREFUL of splatter.  Lift out with a slotted spoon into a lightly oiled dish with a slotted spoon as the come to a float.

When you've cooked it all, toss gently in a nice Basil Marinara sauce.  Serve with some REAL Parmesan. MMMMM  Pillows of yummoness.

No Eggs Gnocchi plated


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Jen at The Three Little Piglets said...

My family are passionate eaters, but that's about it! Thankfully I'm a passionate cook!