Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mushi Bland Sushi - Sushi Marathon - Toyama Sushi, Seymour Street

Mushy Sushi - Toyama Sushi
I had to pop into Vancouver for work so that meant 1 thing apart from the work.... stocking up on Sushi.  I had it all planned as to where I was going to eat when I landed but alas, and yet no surprise #Westjet was late and my Taxi driver got lost so I had to make a quick call as to whether I would order some overpriced salad from room service or take a walk.  I opted for a quick walk with the hope of sushi open somewhere.

I popped over the Toyama when I spotted their neon sign.  I used to work nearby but since it's an 'all you can eat' place, never had occasion to sit that long for lunch during the work week.  I wasn't even sure they had take out.  

I ordered a Veggie Roll, a Spider Roll and a Alaska Roll to go with a Miso Soup.   It took longer that I would have thought considering it is an 'all you can eat' and the chefs are usually constantly churning out food.  But the wait staff was so airy fairy.  It was hard to catch one and when I did, it looked as if I were interrupting her very important task of rearranging the receipts into neat piles behind the counter.  Then when my food was made, it sat at the Sushi counter for at least 10 minutes before the girl at the cash sauntered out from the back and fetched it for me.  I was very tempted to grab the package myself.  I mean really, three other staff walked by the counter but ignored it because it was not their table and opted instead to wander around with the teapot.

I returned to my hotel room ready to dive into some fresh Sushi which is not that ubiquitous or reliable in Toronto unless you go high end.  The Miso soup was fine but a bit watery.  There was a decent amount of Kelp and Tofu though.  The Sushi was TERRIBLE.  No ifs ands about it.  The Rice was mushy and flavourless which was doublely a shame because there was SOOOOO much of it.  The Veggie roll was 75% Rice.  It was a sushi roll of Rice.  The Spider roll was fine once I took off most of the rice.  Some of the Crab was a tad 'funky'.  I left most of the Veggie Roll behind untouched.  Very dispappointing start to my Sushi marathon.

Ambiance: Bar-resto
Staff: unattentive and unfriendly
Toyama Japanese Restaurant
(604) 688-3256
757 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B5J3
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