Friday, April 13, 2012

Great Lunch Sushi - Sushi Marathon - Junsei River Japanese

My Sushi Marathon continued the next day during my work visit to Vancouver.  I ordered Sushi for lunch but since we were working through lunch I had to restrict my radius to a couple of blocks.  I ordered from Junsei out of convenience really.  My favourite go to lunch place was a block outside the 2 block limit :^D.  Funny thing was that I had passed it the night before when I landed late and had that bad Sushi at Toyama.  I didn't go in because it looked like they had closed off their Sushi counter.  They have a full Japanse menu and it appeared that only the back main kitchen was running.  I've eaten there after the Vancouver film festival a while back as well but this was my first lunch take out.

I ordered a simple assortment of Nigiri and a California roll with some Miso.  I originally put the Miso aside since I didn't want to be slurping it during the meeting but after having a taste, I finished it off.  The California was nice, simple nice, not too much rice.  Not bland like the fast sushi joints can be and not too mayonnaisey.  The Nigiri was suprisingly good. It was cut very well, with no rough jagged cuts and the Salmon was not too fatty, Yellowtail was yummo and the Shrimp was very fresh.  I'd return but Bay is still my favourite for quick lunch.... mmm spicy Tuna!

Cost: $-$$ (for lunch)
Staff: nice, friendly
Ambiance: forgettable

Junsei River Japanese Restaurant
(604) 683-2633
570 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6B
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