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May 30th - first BBQ of the Vancouver season - It Rained but there was Wine!

D's work friends had us over for dinner for a BBQ.  They're one of the fortunate few that we know that have outdoor space in the downtown area.  Sweet!  They have a back yard and a roof deck to choose from when they get the BBQ itch. 

We do not have a long warm spell in Vancouver but we have a mild enough weather that allows you to BBQ nearly year round.  Well, that is except during the 7 months that it rains. Of course, that is for your average human.  My mother has been known to BBQ in minus 20C with her parka on in knee deep snow when we come home for Christmas.  That's out east though, so suffice it to say a little sprinkle was not going to stop a Vancouverite from grilling.

We were greated with some lovely Martinis both traditional and what R called Frou Frou aka Pomegranite with Victoria Gin.  Gorgeous.

It was a BBQ feast of Pork Ribs and Chicken Breast in a fabulous tangy homemade BBQ sauce.  There is a family legend about the sauce having been lost in a break up but R has tweeked it here and there to recover what he thinks is a good approximation of the original.  He's quite proud of the fact that he always makes it from scratch rather than starting with a store bought base like some people at his family Rib Cook-Off. :^D  It was a ketchup and chili sauce base with a good amount of vinegar.  I do not think there was any molasses.  S, his wife, says the recipe is not written down so there is no asking for it.  I'll just have to arrive early next time to watch the prep.  His other BBQ tip is not cooking the meat in the sauce.  The meat should be parcooked either slow and low in the oven, grill or for the ribs, boiled, then apply the sauce a few times when you're finishing. 

They were thoughtful enough to put out some nice Butter and Dill Grilled Salmon and Halibut for me.  I normally do not make a fuss.  If friends not remember, I do not like being a bother so I just eat the sides.  The fish was cooked perfectly.  The halibut was delicate yet cooked through and the Salmon was a nice Ruby Blush in the middle. YUMMO!

There was also some lovely fresh Corn and Caesar Salad.  MMMMM I love Corn on the Cob.  S was the first to break my 100% statistical sampling of the eating habits of women and corn on the cob.  Until S, all women I have observed eat their corn on the cob in circles around the cob where most men eat in long rows.  I do not have a concrete reason why except possibly not wanting to mess up their faces.  Anyhoo, running at a stat of 99.95% now.  How do you eat your Corn on the Cob ladies?

We had some amazing wine!  Luca Laborde Syrah 2006 and a Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon 2005.

I was quite enjoying the fruit forward balanced Luca, notwithstanding it is my preferred baby name as well! 
Then came the Joseph Phelps.  Not to diminish the lovely wine that Luca which I would drink any day of the week. Ah, Joseph, Joseph, this complex, multi-faceted wine is bunker-worthy.  Nice balance, smooth not heavy texture. There were spice notes with some dark fruit.  Very nice. 

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