Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 18th - Local Organic Strawberries IN SEASON! and Jumbo Prawn and Eggplant Green Thai Curry

Woohoo! I did not even notice but it's local Strawberry season.  It's like when sandal weather comes back.  I don't even realise but they're everywhere and I cannot imagine my life before my toes where out there.  Local Strawberries are REAL Strawberries.  I mean that.  The rest that are imported from far away or grown in little houses and imported from far away are almost real, but they are either too tart or flavourless sponges.  Most Strawberries in England were like that because there was no such thing as a good haul of local strawberries.  They had little tiny Wild Strawberries which are great but the kind you see smothered in Cream and Suger at Wimbledon are smothered for a reason.  I remember an episode of Nigella talking about how she 'preps' Strawberries you buy in England.  She souses them in a bit of Sugar and Orange Flower Water because she has to.  Well, you know how Strawberries taste when you add that Sugar taste? or the dried berries in Cereals or Strawberry Candy?  Well good Local Strawberries taste that good without any fuss.  I eat them rinsed and dehulled right there over the sink.... and for breakfast too :)

Jumbo Prawn Broccoli Thai Green Curry

10 Jumbo Prawns, Shells-on for flavour (you can deshell them if you like)
1 large Asian Eggplant, 1 inch slices then halved
1 c Broccoli, florets
5 small New Potatoes (ping pong ball sized), halved
1/4 c Onions, chopped
3 cloves Garlic
1 inch fresh Ginger, matchsticks
3 T Green Thai Curry paste (must read like a grocery list and NOT like a chemistry text! all of it!)
2 hot Chilies, seeded and chopped
1 can Coconut Milk
1 can Water
I par roasted the Eggplant. You're probably used to this routine but worth repeating.  I toss Eggplant and the Potatoes in 1 T of slightly heated Vegetable Oil in the wok I will use later. I spread out in a lined baking sheet in a single layer and turn the oven to Bake at 425.  Rapid Preheat if the option is there.  Turn off when it comes to temperature or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.  Don't clean out the wok.  You'll use it and the oil soon.

Heat the wok on Medium High.  Add 1/2 T Vegetable Oil.  Add the Onion.  Toss for 1-2 minutes.  Add the Broccoli stems if you kept them. Add the Ginger, Garlic, and Chilies.  Toss for 1-2 minutes.  You may want to turn the heat down to Medium to avoid burning the Garlic.  Move constantly.

Add the Curry Paste.  Smoosh around so you spread it through the aromatics.  1 minute.

Add the Broccoli.  Scoop and toss, scoop and toss.  1 minute.  Add the Eggplant and Potatoes. Toss, scoop and toss, scoop and toss.  1 minute.

Add the Coconut Milk.  Fill the Can with water and add that too.  You can play it cautious and add half first.  I always end up adding the whole can.   Add the Prawn.  Stir and then cover to simmer for 5 minutes.

Serve on rice topped with Chopped Scallions or Chopped fresh Cilantro (Coriander).


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Yummo said...

Holy poo, I forgot to mention the Prawns? Where was my head? I have fixed the post! Do not over cook the prawn. I simmered for 5 minutes until they were all pink. They were on keep warm until D was ready to eat and still nice and tender because of gentle heat.