Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jun 23rd - Catch up - June 19th Part Deux Breakfast - Poached Eggs on Bed of Greens

 Having accepted that my bread will not be ready for breakfast, D went ahead on making the Eggs to be served on some of the Baby Greens in the fridge.  It's funny.  Normally, D big on not needing carbs on every plate except for breakfast.  Though he suffered for lack of bread, I think he came to realise the versatility of a poached egg.  It is clean and light and if you cook it right, the yolk provides a lovely silky sauce of the yolk.

Poached Eggs on Bed of Baby Greens 2-Ways

3-4 c fresh, washed Baby Greens
4 Eggs
Salt and Pepper

the Veggie Way
1/2 c Broccoli Florets
1 Tomato, sliced
2 t Balsamic Vinagre
2 t Extra Virgin Olive Oil

the Bacony Way
4-6 strips Bacon
1-2 T Malt Vinagre

V = In the pot you plan to poach the eggs, blanche the Broccoli. Meaning, Place in actively simmering water just until it turns bright green.  You'll know what I mean.  It will not take more than a couple minutes.  After that point, it goes army green in appearance and flavour.  Drain and set aside to cool slightly.  If you want to stop the cooking you can shock with cold water.

Place the florets on the greens and spread out the tomatoes.  Sprinkle with the Balsamic and Olive Oil.  Season to taste. 

B = Chop the bacon into 1 inch pieces.  Sautee the Bacon until it is crispy but not burned.  So do not have the heat too too high.  You want to keep the fat for the dressing.  Let it cool slightly so you can add the Malt Vinagre without splattering the fat all over your stove top.  Whisk.  Season to taste.

Lastly and to order, 2 J's Perfect Poached Eggs per person and keep warm in a shallow pan of water.

Serve atop your salads, season the eggs lightly and let the Yolk run over your greens.

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