Friday, June 18, 2010

Jun 12th - Fresh Croissant - Vegetarian Pot Pies

I am not sure that you can get any better than waking up on the coast and rolling out of bed whenever to the smell of freshly baking Croissants.  Something changes when you do not have ready access to the internet or television.  I mean I had my Blackberry but I do not like to do alot of long hand writing on that thing.  Anyhoo, like I mentioned we were at B and H's cottage on the Sunshine coast for the weekend.  D and B had left before sunrise to get to the starting line for their sailing race around Bowen Island.  It was just me and H and her three kids and 6 headsized light and buttery Wholewheat Croissants.  I like those odds.  I have had a similar idea from Trader Joes and I was so close to trying to bring some back to Vancouver.  They are frozen, unleven Croissants.  You raise them at room temperature overnight and then bake.  They are NOTHING like the stuff you get out of a tube which are closer to croissant shaped breadrolls.  H tells me that they also make a Pain au Chocolate!  I am all over that.

If you are concerned by bugs, critters or pets, then raise them on a cookie sheet in the cold oven or other covered area overnight.  Just amazing!  These are Organic and come in both Plain and Wholewheat.  They are available at Whole Foods.  Apparently there is a similar product at a bakery called Up Rising.

Twelve hours after D and H left for their race, there was still no sign of their boat. H kept peaking out the window for their easily recognisable bright orange sail. We had a lovely sunny day on the beach but one of the reasons it was so lovely was because it was so calm. While that was good for us, it was not so good for the agile and smaller Laser Vago among those larger boats with their BBQs on deck.

However nice it would be to wait for the boys, little kids need their supper.  H picked up some nice Pot Pies from Whole Foods.  She picked up a selection of Vegetarian, Chicken and Beef.  The Chicken was Gluten Free.  She wasn't looking for the Gluten Free but it was the only Chicken Gluteny ones left.  The Gluten Free pie did not go over with the kids.  Little K ate around the crust.  I had a little piece and I thought it was a bit dry.  I have baked for Gluten intolerant friends and the substitues are just horrible.  It is just better to create true gluten free alternatives rather than making poor substitutes.

The Vegetarian Pie was nice.  It had a bit of a curry spice and it was full of Tofu and Vegetables.  It could have had more sauce but over all I think I would buy these another day.  We also had roasted Asparagus and a lovely side salad with Avocado and Tomatoes with a simple Balsamic and Olive Oil dressing. 

B and H's orange sail appeared off in the distance just as we were finishing.  They had, in theory Beef Pie and a Veggie pie between the two of them.  Strange thing was that the Beef One turned out to be another Vegetarian pie.  At least it wasn't the other way around, I guess.  After 12 hours on a two man boat in the cold, they did not need seem fussed.

Our quaff for the evening was one of my favourites. Pirramimmima Shiraz 2003 MMMMMM

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