Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spicy Double Chocolate Ginger Diablo Cookies - revisited

Spicy Double Chocolate Ginger Diablo Cookies
I made my Spicy Double Chocolate Mexican Diablo Cookies again for my weekly mommies session at the local Community Centre.   D suggested I cut back on the Cayenne so if you click on the cookie title above to the original post, note that for this batch, I only used 1 t of Cayenne.  I thought it wasn't spicy at all but the consensus was that it was the right amount of heat.  I only had a few left to bring home.  We had hoped to give all of them away since D and I are still both carrying baby weight. :^D

I thought I would also note that the dough was ALOT stiffer this time.  The last time it was like Muffin batter and quite easy to mix.  This time it was quite stiff like more traditional cookie dough.  I might have chosen to use the stand mixer but it was too late.  I guess it was the size of the Eggs because I changed nothing else.  So I thought I would advise those who want to try it.  That you could hold back 1/4 of the Flour until later if you are concerned but you don't have to.  Just keep turning the dough over and over.  It will come together.  But a stand mixer will  make quick work of it.  Just mix it until the dusty look is gone.  I still chilled the dough as before.  I did use a 1 oz scoop this time.  You could use a Coffee Bean scoop, they are normally 1oz/2T as well but unfortunately, they don't have the sweeper for easy extraction.  Otherwise, roll them with your hands roughly the size of a ping pong ball.
Do not squash down. They'll spread a little but these are chewy in the middle.  If you like crispier thin cookies, you could use softened Butter instead.  Not the same though. This made a batch of 48 cookies.  I used two sheet pans at the 1/3 and 2/3 levels in the oven. Still cook for the 15 minutes but at 8 minutes swap the levels of the pans and rotate the front to the back.  Allow to cool for only a minute or two and they'll be firm enough for you to move.  Don't pile up until completely cooled. 


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Jen at The Three Little Piglets said...

What a great flavor combination! I think a little cayenne sounds perfect myself...