Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Frying Scotsman - Portland - Homemade Tartar Sauce! Need I say more?

Frying Scotsman Halibut and Chips
That title is my whole post.  I mean really! The dude makes his own Tartar sauce from scratch in his little truck.  Come on! That's food passion.  I doesn't have to be expensive fine dining to be haute.  Dude cares and it comes through in his food.

Little Frying Scotsman Trailer
We saw him on Eat St.  It's funny too because he has the ad for the show hanging in his cart now too.  He's as warm as he was on the show and we weren't holding TV cameras.  The fries are Handcut and the fresh Fish dipped in his own crispy Batter!  It's a very busy cart now because of his recent celebrity so everything is made to order as the fish is churned out at quite a pace.  It's a bit harder to sit in the downtown area near the carts but luckily he has a couple of standing tables in front of his cart.

The batter was very tasty and crisp.  It was a tad on the greasy side as he's moving so fast.  It could have been allowed to drain in the basket a few seconds longer.  The fries were PIPING hot.  Awesome.  And he doesn't over salt them so you can dress them as you please.  With Vinegar, good man!  Where else in the states!? Well, I guess it's caught on lately.  When I was a kid and we travelled and asked for Vinegar for our fries we were met with such stares.  And occasionally, a kind server would come from the kitchen with a bowl of vinegar and wait to see what we'd do with it.  Haha!

Service: Warm, welcoming, and enthusiastic
Ambiance: It's a foodtruck. Busy downtown cluster had a sort of fair ground feel.
Cost: $$

The Frying Scotsman (Food Cart)
(503) 706-3841
SW 9th And Alder St Map
Portland, OR 97205

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