Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gotta Use the Eggs - Caribbean Salmon Souffle

Gotta use the Eggs - Caribbean Salmon Souffle
We're heading out soon for Christmas and we have half a dozen Eggs left in the fridge.  We don't normally eat Eggs for breakfast mid week so we were left with the typical vacation quandary.  What do you do with the Eggs?  Milk is not as big a worry because I drink quite alot of it but the Eggs are a challenge.  We always need them in the house but we don't eat them that often yet when we want one we're often out.  You know.  So here we have half a dozen Eggs and some basic pantry items.  What to do?  Well, a Souffle may not initially jump out at you as the easy option.  Yes you could default to an omelet.  I do love a good Spanish Tortilla (Potato Omelet) and I did just buy some adorable Peewee Potatoes.  Nope.  This Soufflee is super easy and needs little shopping if any.

I have made it a few times before and the link is here: Caribbean Salmon Souffle

What do you need in the house? 

1 rib of Celery.  Most markets sell Celery in ribs now or often they don't but the price is per pound so I am not shy about breaking off a rib or two.  Actually, I always buy two.  1 to cook the other to munch.
1 clove of Garlic.  If you don't, leave it out. 

1 half small Onion or Shallot
At least 1 c of Milk and Butter.

1/2 c flaked Coconut.  Most bakers stock this.  I do.  If you don't, leave it out.  Don't fear the souffle!  Once you get the base, the acoutrements are the fun bit.  I forgot the Coconut once even though it was sitting in the pan toasted on the stove.  It was fine.  It was not as interesting in my opinion but it was fine.
The only thing you may not already have in the house but most do is 1 tin of Salmon.  If you don't, any Frozen seafood like, Snapper, Shrimp or Crabmeat lurking in your freezer or pantry will do.  About 1 cup. 

The thing that is different today is that normally I do this Souffle with 4 Egg Yolks and 6 Egg Whites.  That is normally fine because the Yolks get used somewhere.  But since this is a preholiday fridge clearance, no Yolk shall be left behind.  I put in 6 Egg Yolks and 6 stiffly beaten Egg Whites. 

To compensate for the extra liquid in the 'Custard', I added 4 T of flour instead of the usual 3 T.

I still baked it for 30 minutes.  It is normally entirely set this we 5% gooey in the middle this time (extra Yolks!) which was yummo!.


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