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Wednesday, April 27th - Firewood Cafe - Hunt for decent Pizza in Vancouver goes on

Cardboard Crusted Salty Vegetarian
Today was one of those days, we had no idea what to make for dinner.  We had originally thought my folks were going to be in tonight but they decided to spend the whole day and evening being proper tourists.  They started by taking the free shuttle to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and then eating dinner in some random ramen house on Robson.  So we were thrown off since we had a dinner planned but we post poned it.  Then as it happened, my friend K was visiting from Calgary for work and she was able to pop by for dinner.  We decided to keep it simple and order pizza.

Let me be clear, though exposing myself to some unpopular rebuttal, Vancouver has NO GOOD TAKE OUT PIZZA and the restaurant pizza is not much better.  In the last couple months, we've heard a new place opened up in Gastown by a gent who went to Italy for Neopolitan certification. We are dying to try it.  Before then, the place everyone told us to try when we moved here was Lombardo's on Commercial.  Yeah, I'd give it a miss.  It was thick, bready, greasy and not much better than the large franchise pizzas. :^( Then when the regular winners of eater polls include the large chains, I have a despair deja vu.

We purposefully searched for a nearby pizza restaurant we hadn't tried that sounded right. I mean they had a wood burning oven so it was a step in the right direction, we thought.  Other reviews claimed it was different than the other bad pizza in Vancouver.  Though, I think many of us are numbed to the mediocrity.  Luckily we travel enough to Seattle and San Francisco and make our own to still have a taste and expectation for GOOD pizza.  Firewood Cafe was NOT.

I chose the Grilled Vegetarian and D ordered the Special of the month with Italian Sausage.  They were both very greasy and salty.  The crust was tough and bready, they type you eat around and leave piled up like firewood in the box.  The Vegetarian was the least vegetarian pizza I have ever seen.  Eggplant would usually thrill me but the combination on this one was VERY heavy and salty.  Next time, if we order in when expecting a friend, I'll play it 'safe' and go for Panago.  :^( Chain franchises makes yummo sigh.

They are about 10 minute drive from us and it took nearly an hour for delivery!!!

Cost: $$-$$$
Service: Delivery SLOOOOOW!
Crust: Thick, dry, bready and cardboardy

The Firewood Cafe
3004 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V5Z
(604) 873-0001
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Cardboard crust & SLOW delivery


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